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“mahoosive” a ramble on beaches and small conferences

And now, a Monday ramble…

I had such a great time at the San Diego 2023 IndieWeb Camp. I hope to get the chance to attend another. Perhaps Sacramento?

This past weekend there was a camp in Brighton 5000 miles away in the UK. It looks like it was great!

My only reference for a beach town in the UK would be “the Beach at South End” which Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect hallucinate improbably when they are first exposed to the powerful probabilistic forces of the starship Heart of Gold.

Images are from the 1981 BBC adaptation of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Later, they start to deconstruct and turn into a penguin before achieving normality.

But even back as a kid, I thought I knew about beaches. But I didn’t, really. Despite being to several: Santa Monica, and San Diego’s Pacific Beach and La Jolla. And I had been to Batangas in the Philippines during the filming of Up From The Depths. (I had it on DVD as of 2012).

That’s me on the right there with a a floaty ring over my head

When I think of UK beaches I also think of the line from Morrissey’s “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”:

All over Battersea / Some hope and some despair

Battersea isn’t a beach as such but has a great oceanic name.

London is 65 miles from Brighton.

2 hour or so drive on the M23, or (better) an hour on a Thameslink train.

San Clemente is 60 miles from San Diego.

An hour or so on the I-5, or 2 to 4 hours on Amtrak (buses). The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner is having issues right now. California, it seems, tumbles into the sea.

So the car vs transit trip estimation is backwards for California. We’re working on it.

When Kelly and I stayed in San Clemente I loved seeing kids getting off the train with surfboards to go surf. Someday I’ll take the train to San Clemente to bodysurf.

San Clemente is right across the county line into Orange County. Orange County is where San Juan Capistrano is, which I learned I had family connections to last month..

And conferences like that remind me that I have been to a tech event or two in Orange County. The first one that comes to mind was a webOS event in Fullerton. preDevCamp at CoWorking Fullerton on August 8, 2009. A webOS event! I Never blogged about it but I did post a photo to Flickr. I learned a lot at that. webOS lives on in smart devices. Huh.

Coworking Fullerton: preDevCamp is my caption. I wish I still had my notes from this.

A good morning to stretch into my memories and imagine possible futures.

Let’s have some fun this week.

Oh, and in researching Brighton, I found a page about Brighton that included the word “mahoosive” – references say it’s informal British slang for “very big.” And So: Have a mamoosive week!

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