Creative Problem Solver. Programmer. Bodysurfing. Sometime Comics.
Blogger since 2001.

own yr www rn! #IndieWeb

Latest Updates!

Sign My Guestbook which includes the first GIF I ever made, in 1999.

Viridian Contest Entries from 1999 to 2001 were recently revamped.

Color schemes on all pages now flow, via CSS custom properties into the designs of pages.

TheĀ Blogroll now has its own page, and includes a link to some WordPress code for capturing feed urls. You can get OPML for it too.

The Contact page now has a contact form on it. Over the years I’ve called it “Feedback” or “Message Me” or “Contact Me” and also includes other social media links.

I also maintain a Links page, for those “Link In Bio” links on platforms which somehow are on the web but aren’t like web pages at all.

Thanks for visiting!

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