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Riso from Tracy Durnell!

A few weeks ago I enthusiastically talked about Riso printing in response to Tracy saying that she would be taking a class on Riso printing. Her Riso inspiration roundup is great. And her piece about the class and the work is terrific: Risograph printing class at Paper Press Punch. In that piece she gives a small travelogue and describes the tools and methods she used. She also has a small footnote about how to ask for a copy of one of the prints. And I did! I offered a trade of one of my own prints, and she accepted.

And a few days later we put prints into the US postal system and now I have a terrific art piece from her. It’s a lovely piece. Two color: fluorescent pink and light teal. I am very glad to put it up on my wall. It’s great to have an excuse to put more art on the walls of our apartment. I have put it above the door inside the second bedroom, which we use as an office.

Tracy’s piece has made it to my walls! Fill your life with art!

Links: Tracy Durnell, Paper Punch Press, Risograph on Wikipedia

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