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Bits and Pieces Programming

The Photos page was an instance of Gallery I originally installed 20 years ago. I was never quite happy with the way it was presented. The last update I made was maybe 10 years ago, moving it out of Gallery and using the database tables to drive something hand-rolled. Yesterday I was able to remove those pages and use a new, custom template in WordPress and script the import of these galleries. I like the control WordPress offers. It’s a work in progress.

I find it fun to revisit work I had forgotten.

Lightpointe Flight Navigator. A pre-sales tool for their laser networking products.
Avencom contact map. It was a good office. Our whole neighborhood in Downtown San Diego is utterly different 20 years later.

I’m pretty pleased with my switch from blog-first landing page to something custom. I had fun creating a WordPress plugin to facilitate creation of those 9×9 grid images. The source is on GitHub: Aggregate Thumbnail Images. is cruising along and growing. Feel free to read the code. Add your indie blog if you feel the notion!

I’m am pleased that James is pleased with the results.

I started a page today: Amiga: computing memories… but I think it’s not quite done. There are so many memories and lessons from how I used the Amiga I’m not sure I can encompass it in a single page.

That’s all for today. Have a great day!

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