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“Hello, I’m Cindy, I’m a Pisces and I like Chihuahuas and Chinese noodles”

I think we’re the future generation. Listen up. From 1983.

Now listen to All I Need is Everything by Aztec Camera which is from 1984 but seems years later than the B-52’s song. I listened to this song, plus the song Oblivious repeatedly. The happy-sadness suited me perfectly then.

the size of the sea and the sun in my eyes
and the line in my head
yearning for more…
only for more…
these days are as bright as the days I have seen
in the wildest of dreams
yearning for more…
only for more…

The brilliance of Michel Gondry’s video for Kylie Minogue’s Come Into My World (2001) has not diminished in the 22 years since it came out.

Wait a minute. Didn’t Double Nickels on the Dime come out in 1984? That’s bananas. It sounds nothing like either Aztec Camera or the B-52’s. Here’s The Minutemen with This Ain’t No Picnic which is a nugget of Southern California punk that hits my old ears just with the same ramshackle intensity as it did on those few occasions on which I slam danced. The Minutemen are a band from San Pedro, a part of Southern California where the Port of Los Angeles is. You’ve seen San Pedro if you watched the movie Heat and saw that scene at the giant docks with thousands of shipping containers and cranes. San Pedro was and is working class industrial California. And D. Boon, the lead singer of the Minutemen, died one year later in a car wreck. Age 27. In case you were wondering if the world is fucking fair. It isn’t. But this song is American as hell and I love it. Turn it up loud.

But our land isn’t free
So I’ll work my youth away
In the place of a machine
I refuse to be a slave

This ain’t no picnic
This ain’t no picnic
This ain’t no picnic
This ain’t no picnic

Sorry, got heavy. I’ll lighten it up for you. Pluto is not gonna quit. That’s right it’s time for “H.S.” by Tom Cardy. Eons later.

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