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Friday Links!

I’m getting over a cold. No, not COVID. But it sucks.

And herewith I will blog them for your possible review and enjoyment.

How to Get Started Investigating Payment Gateways Online from Bellingcat, Money is the root of how organizaitons operate. “Follow the money” is the aphorism from All The Presidents’ Men.

The more I learn about submersible catastrophe the more obviously avoidable and the more obviously the result of rich, entitled, egotistical jerkiness it is. For nature cannot be fooled, indeed.

Neat Hobby! is worth your time. Yes, I vibe with this.

I do think projects like DYNAMIC LAND are the future of how we will learn and game, augmented reality that requires no silly glasses or geegaws, but it seems like we’re waiting on more reliable and unobtrusive and less creepy sensors and projectors to make it truly seamless. But I like the idea very much.

I heard good things about Wiggle Work whose description appeals to me, but not quite enough to dive in.

Working alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Be a part of a community where you can chat about hobbies, join a book club, and share your weekend plans without the pressure to be “on” all the time.

We’re here to bring back the invaluable watercooler moments lost when working remotely–the freedom to talk to someone without a reason and about nothing of particular work-related importance.

It’s like a combination “third place” / surrogate workspace / co-working facility. It doesn’t fit neatly into any of those but is all three. I’ve not experienced it but I’ve made similar spaces with WebSanDiego (the mailing list) and participated in them in Evolt / Web405 and in private spaces friends made, too. I like the concept. I think.

Why am I hesitant to apply? I’m not certain. I’m thinkin’ on that.

Blog of the .Day is still going strong. If you got a blog, come on in! The water’s fine!

I made a new header the other day. I may have mentioned it but can’t remember if I did but I don’t care if I did and now I’m in a stream-of-consciousness trap and now I can’t stop typing. Oh never mind yes I can.

This Comics Journal appraisal of Batman: Year One, a comic I bought when it was first on news racks, is quite good. That comic is absolutely flawless. Everything good about the film Batman Begins comes from that book. is a genius. And Miller is too, properly constrained.

not a link, but in my notes. I tested out some zlib compression on some sites. In .user.ini files. That looks like zlib.output_compression = On;.

Speaking of weird web junque: the side file apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association (about) lives at when you get a request from a client to help install it.

The Descent of Elon Musk (from March) by Ed Zitron is predictably depressing. I am glad that fewer people claim to me that he is a genius than did a few years ago.

Gregor recommended Vulfpeck to me a few months ago and I never gave it a proper listen, but I am always happy to take in music recommendations from smart folks. Good stuff!

This headline is depressing and correct: Apple, Google and others don’t care about your data and photos – but you should (adjacent to my post Mistrust-Based Technology Choices)

I love any mention of The Day The Clown Cried. First turned onto it by Harry Shearer decades ago, it’s an object of fascination to me.

From April, James’ post Blossom contains this small but immense observation: In seeing this tree blossom, I am encouraged to remember that the best things do not happen on a strict cadence, carefully curated. They grow and emerge with time and nurturing.

Yes, I remember Yogi’s Space Race. Anything with spaceships I liked. It was terrible. I kinda knew as a kid that it was terrible. But still, spaceships!

This is not a link, but I somehow put this question into the file I stash links for later review in:

Are there similarities between wampum and blockchain?

Wampum is a currency made of shells. Maybe I meant because wampum is “grown” I was making some comparison? I don’t know. They’re not all winners.

I was playing at making nautical flags in CSS but I got bored.

Lawrence’s cover of Get Busy is among the best ways to bring on the day. I don’t care if I’ve posted this before:

The random man vs random bear, which is less trouble was amazing. Women, would you rather be stuck in a forest with a man or a bear?. It’s still amazing.

:has() is the “God Selector” says Bruce Lawson. I concur. I am using it to add little arrows to external links inside content on this blog. I keep altering it. Here’s how it looks right now, to make sure I capture anchors with actual links, not just names, and not internal anchors. CSS is magic.


CSS is cool, no? There’s a Front End Study Hall next week. JOIN US.

Paul’s post September life-drawing: not safe for whose work? is terrific. An excerpt:

So, while the label NSFW was invented out of a common spirit of goodwill — added before a link as a courtesy to other people, to prevent them accidentally getting into trouble with their employers — it is thoroughly grounded in what counted as “not safe for work” for the typical early users of Slashdot, Fark, et al., namely people who worked in corporate IT.

This is a shortcoming of what we in the IndieWeb call the silos. They can’t distinguish shades of meaning of nudity. An illustration of how to perform a breast or testicular self-exam is somehow equivalent to an explicit screenshot from a pornographic film. The silos lack adequate moderation. Without someone to decide, they are incapable of making good decisions about the culture they want to sustain. They rely on flagging and computer vision and they get it wrong every time. The fallback is overworked moderators who have zero incentive to be cautiously thoughtful about their verdicts.

As with many things like this, I say: have your own website.

There’s no mediocre, capricious, moderation if you control the website.

These photos off San Diego of a sunken Naval vessel: USS Hogan, are amazing.

Mark Sutherland implemented search in his Laravel-based site in the course of a couple-hour meeting last week. Here’s the diff.

A few months ago there was a quiz on HTML tags. Name them all! Here are the ones I was pretty sure would count toward that list but are not, here in 2024, “real” tags.

  1. font
  2. nobr
  3. frame
  4. frameset
  5. param
  6. spacer
  7. big
  8. marquee
  9. blink

They may have once worked, but no longer. It’s all good. Time moves on.

An Anthology of Bodysurf Writing (Spanning Over 200 Years) by Spencer Dunlap told me about a few books I had not heard of.

I’ve not been in the water a few days since I’ve had this cold. I hate it. I’ll get back though.

Death on the Ferry: The Alton Collier Story
On April 27th, 1946, an African American resident of Coronado and employee of the famous Hotel del Coronado, boarded an 8:20 pm ferry to San Diego. A racist attack on board ended in his death.

Private Equity kills everything it can. Red Lobster, for example. It doesn’t have to kill. It just can’t help but attach itself like a parasite and drain the host of all its life.

I want it all but, it is impossible by Ana Rodrigues is true and correct and I agree 100%.

This is 2021 article about bodysurfing in Northern California made me real happy: Bodysurfing San Francisco When the Epic Winter Swells Arrived (Part 2)

I think that’s good for today.

Have a great day!

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