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Christina Aguilera Top 33

I don’t often post about work. If at all. Well, I’m a longtime fan of Christina Aguilera, appallingly documented by a search of this here blog. So here’s a post with a radio station from where I work (Slacker Radio). Enjoy!

640x640 Christina Aguilera Top 33

Fifteen years ago this week, Christina Aguilera’s “What a Girl Wants” became the first number one song of the 2000s. Since then, Aguilera’s career has grown exponentially, from winning four Grammys to a starring role in “Burlesque” to her work on “The Voice.” In tribute to her amazing career, we’ve created a station that features your favorite Christina Aguilera songs. We used our E.Q. system or “engagement quotient” to add up your plays, skips, hearts and bans, and came up with this definitive list.

If you’re in the US or Canada, check out Christina Aguilera Top 33 on Slacker

I have an irrational affinity for Christina Aguilera.

I have an irrational affinity for Christina Aguilera.

In part it is irrational because her roots are multiethnic, like me. I have at least Scot, Irish, Mexican, Spanish, French, and Yaqui in me.

Christina can legitimately claim to be Latina, and be on the cover of Latina Magazine. She can also claim Irish heritage, and appear in the Irish Abroad web magazine.

This is a wonderful example of the melting pot. Many of us in the USA are just mutts. Interesting things happen when cultures mix. It also illustrates the fluidity of racial definitions. In the end we all should be judged by the content of our character.

Ouch; Christina News (link from Erin). The new record by Christina Aguilera should be good. I’m going to pick it up when cashflow is a bit better. So far I’m actually impressed. Check out for current Xtina (yeah, that’s apparently her nickname) news. And yes, I think her fashion choices stink lately.

Christina in the New York Times!

Yes, I like Christina. No, not everything she does.

Several people have sent me this photo, or links to this photo. Basically asking me, because I am a fan, what I think. The answer is I think she looks goofy. I am a fan of Ms. Aguilera, but I will not defend her MTV VMA ensemble.

New Christina… Almost

Christina Aguilera, who I often talk about, has a new single coming soon — Dirrty — I grabbed a copy taped from a station in New York off of Limewire. I think I like it. I can’t account for how the girl dresses, but it’s fun to be a fan of hers. If you want more Christina scoops – news about the single and the new album coming soon – check

Yes, I know Dirrty is misspelled.

Yes I know it’s silly.

Christina Update

Longtime readers know that I’m a Christina Aguilera fan, and follow what’s up with this young popstar. This recent interview with Allure Magazine is a nice update. Nice to see her realizing that she got overexposed, and overworked last year. I remember for a while that any time she’d appear on TV she looked so tired. I would note this to Jenny; now, Jenny’s not particularly interested, but she generally agreed. My hope is that Christina will get a rational schedule for the promotion of her new record. The new record, which I’m looking forward to. The inclusion of an Etta James cover can’t help but be a good sign. Hey, Xtina can sing, aiight?

Though I am appalled that she mentioned her 11 piercings (ugh!), it is sort of interesting to ponder where they all might be. *chuckle*

Christina Wins Grammy, Looks Cute

Christina looked pretty cute, according to the pictures provided at I think she’s slowly learning to moderate her bad fashion choice habit. Can’t wait to hear her new album. I liked the thing she did at the Winter Olympics, Infatuation.

Christina’s New Piercing…

Christina’s New Piercing. I still think she’s cute. She makes many many many whacked out fashion choices, but she’s still cute.

“Paste your taste”

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I’m into female vocalists, rock, pop, indie and electronic, including:

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