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New Bot Day! This Bumblebee (Nendoroid edition) was a Christmas gift, behind that is a beautiful book on the history of surfing which was a birthday gift! Thank you @hellokellykuhl!

I’ve cosplayed Dr. Hank McCoy twice. The first time it was great, the second just okay. The next time, it’ll be best yet. These were light gray thumbless gloves meant to be some other creature. I dyed them over Christmas and will deploy them next time I cosplay. #beastcosplay #cosplay

San Diego City Christmas Tree Recycling 2022

Source: San Diego City – Christmas Tree Recycling

Make stuff! Finish stuff! Even if it’s late. Merry Christmas! @hellokellykuhl made the corgi! Might be inspired by @gwenthegoblin!

Christmas 💚

Make stuff. Merry Christmas!

New Bot Day! Merry Christmas Eve from Optimus Prime (Christmas Edition by @super7)! Stay warm, stay safe, fight evil, and sacrifice yourself when needed! “Ho Ho Ho Now I have a Candy Cane Gun!”

Having a personal website for a long time is neat because I can look back at prior iterations and components I’ve saved! Like this header from Christmastime 2003! Which in turn features photos from me as a kid. You can see them all at

New Bot Day! Welcome Pocket Bot by Tomy from 1978! I think I got one as a stocking stuffer at Christmas. I acquired this one-and-three-quarter inches tall wind-up recently. It has a sharp design despite being a mass-market, cheap toy. A perfect small toy for a kid to bring along when they’re dragged along on parental errands. “Yes, you can bring a toy.”

In the 1980s I loved to make Christmas/New Years/Holiday cards. I drew this Technocratic, nearly cyberpunk Santa with a Micron Pigma pen in size 005. That’s still an excellent pen. 32 years later I’ve refined and colored him digitally. I didn’t do paper greeting cards this year. Maybe next year. It’s been an impossibly hard year, and my drawings have comforted me. Be well, take care.