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  • On the Eve of Jim & Phyllis’ Wedding

    This is a time capsule from the night before my parents were married in June of 1968. It’s an audiotape made by my uncle Jerry at my Parent’s rehearsal dinner. It’s quite remarkable. Who will you hear? Who? Age   James Crawford 21 Groom Phyllis Silva 22 Bride Art Silva   Father of the Bride…

  • Larry King: Carvelle Story, Moppo Story

    Back in 2002 I ripped some audiotapes I had of two stories told by Larry King. I said: …some Larry King stories I had taped from his old Mutual radio show back in 1986 — The famed “Carvelle Story” and “Moppo Story” — very funny stuff I had been reluctant to post them out of…

  • In honor of the Death of Captain Kangaroo

    Captain Kangaroo’s “Joseph” Song 45rpm Record — includes audio!

  • I Love Audio

    Audio Reversal In Popular Culture is a neat web page all about instances where people reverse, somehow the sound in a song to dramatic effect, or just to be weird. Of course Zappa is included.

  • Radio Appearance Posted!

    The radio show I was on back on the 16th has now been ripped to RealAudio and can now be listened to if you have RealAudio. Ready to listen? Okay, here is the KPBS show The Lounge from July 16, 2002. The posting done during the show is here. Comments or questions? Gimme a holler….