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  • Pardon my dust. Plus, ancient “under construction” GIFs.

    As I mentioned, I’m playing with the blog theme, including the archive footer. Things may look a little odd, or error, in the interim. I hope not much. Pardon my dust. Clearly, it’s time for an animated under construction sign (warning, your eyes may be repulsed by that page full of old animated GIFs): And…

  • Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later

    Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later from Sassy

  • Java, Pascal Classes; Fall 1998; Becoming

    In the Fall of 1998 I started to take classes in Pascal and Java at Santa Monica College – the Pascal class was interesting for a while, but I dropped it. My own reading at the time was doing what I needed. At the time the only programming I was doing was some Perl and…

  • This is my favorite search today:

    This is my favorite search today: google search: java applet Why? See: Java is Essential to the Software Ecosystem by Clay Shirky. See also: Call to Action for the OEMs (about Windows XP support for Java or lack thereof).