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  • Lyrics of the Day (Yesterday): Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

    from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Burning Airlines Give You So Much More When I got back home I found a message on the door Sweet Regina’s gone to China crosslegged on the floor Of a burning jet that’s smoothly flying: Burning airlines give you so much more. How does she intend to live when…

  • Penetrators: Shopping Bag

    Another piece of culture I’d never seen, via PCL Linkdump. I had heard of the band Penetrators but I’d never heard anything by them that I was aware of. The video is nearly perfect in its chaotic silliness. The song has a perfect hook too.

  • Re-Make/Re-Model

    I’ve been doing some cultural re-evaluations here in the past few days. Among them is Roxy Music, a set of 1970s records I acquired includes their first, Roxy Music, from 1972. The first track, Re-Make/Re-Model absolutely blew me away with its audacity, and I actually felt some shame over having been a Roxy fan for…

  • Let Forever Be

    I just can’t get this song out of my head, and I don’t care one whit, not one jot. Chemical Brothers, Let Forever Be

  • Everybody’s coming home for lunch these days: Camper Van Beethoven

    I underestimated Camper Van Beethoven when I was younger. Yes, I loved this song, and also Good Guys and Bad Guys, but I missed how interesting they were, probably because their sound is so organic and folky. But I’ve rectified this by picking up their new “best of” collection called Popular Songs Of Great Enduring…

  • Wood Beez + Scritti Politti + 1980s Music

    Wood Beez is turning into one of those songs that I play over and over and over and over in an effort to, what, understand? Get it? Enjoy? The video is deconstructionist frippery, and ultimately harmless. The black pride salute reference is an interesting choice. I remember liking Perfect Way and Wood Beez, and taping…

  • Drop Everything for this Stew Interview

    Interview with Stew Hilarious and insightful, as he often is: Here’s a quote! What did you know about theater or Broadway before you developed this show? Very little. I had a lot of respect for people like Bertolt Brecht. I had read Brecht, and he touches a lot of rock performers more than any other…

  • Stew on Theater Talk

    Very enjoyable. And also: Stew Plays Drunk at the Obies (read the whole thing), it does get a bit too wild for work: Because of Stew, I am looking forward to the Tony Awards. I don’t believe it either.

  • Oh, the incredible miscellany of it all; Who I’m reading these days

    Yesterday I saw the new Indiana Jones movie with Jukebox JT and his wife, and the seeing and the talking after was fun, but the movie is not, uh, good. But I don’t want to talk about that. I’ve got a backlog of stuff to mention. Ready? Go! I used to work with Electromute, I…

  • Wallpaper Generator

    Cool tool! If you have a account, which I do, you can generate an image with the covers of the music you listen to: Wallpaper Generator. It’s out of date since I don’t have turned on these days, but it’s not a bad representation. found via the excellent Kill Ugly Radio