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  • Color the Smiley

    Over the years I have made a lot of little web experiments and geegaws. I’ve made hangman games and drawing programs and random text generators. At one place I worked I helped make a thing that would turn an uploaded photo of a face into a Terminator face! I’ve made so many of these kind…

  • I blogged for 17 years and all I got were these lousy Markov chains.

    In which I turn my experiments with turning written text into Markovify-generated sentences into a cool Twitter bot.

  • Markov Chains are hilarious.

    I’ve wanted to make Markov chain generated sentences based on this blog for a long while. Wednesday night, I did. It took me under an hour! Why have I avoided it thinking it’d be difficult? Probably I thought it’d take a long time and would be lame. NOT SO First, I exported the contents of…

  • Suspicious Activity: “An admin user with the username backup was created outside of WordPress”

    On 14 February 2018, WordFence alerted me to highly suspicious behavior. This is the format of the email I received from WordFence version 4.9.3: This email was sent from your website “[REDACTED BLOG NAME]” by the Wordfence plugin. Wordfence found the following new issues on “[REDACTED BLOG NAME]”. Alert generated at Wednesday 14th of February…

  • Blog Post Visualization + Code

    I’ve been doing maintenance galore on this site. I have a hand-written theme and I’ve been doing things like returning the footer to a good shape and sweating the responsive details of it. I first wrote that code in 2010 but I’ve adapted it to be a bit better and now am using CSS Grid…

  • Ventcheck – a twitter bot I wrote in 2016

    Back in 2016 I attended a terrific session of the San Diego Code Kitchen at FAB LAB San Diego. It was really a lot of fun and in a few hours I was able to create an inscrutable twitter bot – @ventcheck. It was fun! I didn’t write about it here because… well… who blogged…

  • Roman Numerals, Updated.

    Back in 2012 I first added the Roman Numeral page, as I noted in this post. It’s ultra-simple but it’s also quite fun. I also removed jQuery from those pages. I made individual pages for individual numbers. I upgraded from the older version of Bootstrap that page uses. Enjoy.

  • import-external-images 500 error with Ajax

    I had a pile of back-images to import recently. For some reason WordPress Import External Images” was failing to work properly on the bulk task. It worked great on individual pages but for some reason the Ajax version would crap out. Solution was to use a simple POST – accomplished by doing this in Chrome…

  • Who doesn’t love code?

    Longtime blogger and longtime pal MAS mentioned me over in Make and Host Your Own Soundboard yesterday. I am glad to have contributed to more software. I dig being able to give to code that people use, even if it’s for no money. I love even more that the whole thing is up on GitHub….