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  • Web Programming as Cop Shows

    As my pal Matt Lee (Sassy) says: We are dorks. Read it

  • CDONTS Mail

    Although it’s being deprecated, this article on CDONTS Mail is worth me mentioning so I can find it in the past.

  • Mmm, SOAPy

    Lots of interesting chatter about SOAP, XML, APIs, and Web Services right now: Google’s Gaffe (this article asks if Google’s API is overly complicated by SOAP) SOAP Wars (the converse take) The always interesting Shirky with another take on Web Services/APIs SOAP vs. REST (Representational State Transfer) REST and Web Services Some interesting reading. Though…

  • geek out!

    this code is equivalent between postgresql and mysql: mysql: create table crawford_addresses ( id int(10) auto_increment primary key, … ); postgresql: create table “crawford_addresses” ( id serial , primary key (“id”), … );

  • History of Flash

    “The story of Flash as told by its inventor Jonathan Gay” — kind of neat. At my first web job we did lots of Splash work, crazy crazy stuff. I have the old FutureSplash and Flash icons in my old resume (I’m not linking you to old resumes. Yuck. The brave and/or crazy may visit…

  • New Silly Lab Item.

    In the lab: camelCase <-> selector-case in JavaScript w/o Regular Expressions. Why? Because sometimes you gotta make stuff for no reason.

  • Search Engine Upgrade to ht://Dig

    Last night and this morning I installed htdig as the new search engine for this site internally. Back in August I mentioned that I would start using google because the solution I was trying had stopped working with any reliability. ht://Dig is open source and originated here in San Diego at SDSU. Total time for…

  • Nervous Energy Galore: document.getElementById

    In a fit of nervous energy, I made a new lab item: modify the box! a dhtml experiment. Useless, but an excellent exercise. I sat down and wrote this in about an hour and a half. I definitely am feeling better about my confidence with dynamic html – which is where client-side scripting ( commonly…

  • Ancient JavaScript Drawing Experiments

    I remember doing lots of experiments with JavaScript when I was first learning it. One I had forgotten about was a drawing program I started in 1999. However, I wanted too high a resolution for what machines could handle then. It would always end up crashing browsers. In 2001 I dialed it back, and made…

  • From crazy Sassy: VBScript API listing Script…

    From crazy Sassy: VBScript API listing Script. I had only a tiny part of that magnifico little script. Matt is the MAN. Regular expressions are fun!