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  • Anyone can be a forensic photographic investigator.

    We have at our fingertips research tools and technology that are stunning. This is of course not new. The future is rather well distributed to people with a certain amount of cashflow and some computer tools. I participate in a Facebook group about old things in San Diego. Someone posted this photo from 1965, asking…

  • An inspiring morning at the downtown @sdpl with @SanDiego_CM1 — speaker @jaybuys of @ThisIsVisceral talking about balancing profit and purpose. #cmsandiego #CreativeMornings #SanDiego #sketchnotes

    An inspiring morning at the downtown @sdpl with @SanDiego_CM1 — speaker @jaybuys of @ThisIsVisceral talking about balancing profit and purpose. #cmsandiego #CreativeMornings #SanDiego #sketchnotes — Joe Crawford (@artlung) February 22, 2019

  • Today’s (well, July 2017) drawing practice.

    Today’s drawing practice: taking an old drawing from 1988 or so and remaking it digitally. It was rare back then for me to draw from life and be happy with the result. I was impatient and hyper-self-critical. The source for this one was an exception. This drawing is of a pal of mine from way…

  • Italian Latency

    Went to beach with Leah for the sunset. And looking, as I do, approachable, plus looking like I know my way around mass transit, random tourist humbly asks my help with the bus. He’s got the 8/9 bus schedule with highlighter marks on it. He’s a bit confused, and has a bit of an accent….

  • AngularJS on jsfiddle.

    It’s pretty astonishingly easy to play with AngularJS with jsfiddle. Last night I went to the North County AngularJS Discussion Group / sandiegojs group at WalmartLabs here in San Diego. Smallish but impressive space.

  • 2pac’s Pal on the 20x South Bus

    being a list of my tweets from last night THIS bus has a fellow claiming 2Pac as a friend and he’s alive. Arguing with fellow saying “Nig is DEAD.” They have opposing choruses too. Q:“Why you with a crazy girl?!” A:“Dude, I’m 36. She’s 21. She’s playing MY game.” This dialogue is GOLD. Mamet on…

  • Everybody’s going surfing

    Water temperature is 62°F (16.7°C). A very nearly perfect break for me. Next: back to life, back to reality. Also: catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world. Related: Charlie don’t surf. However: I bodysurf at the beaches and swim at the cove. This ocean, this coast, this birthright of the citizens…

  • Ray at Night and Other Delights

    On Saturday night Leah, Alexandra, Tamara Leeper and I went out to Ray at Night, an art walk on Ray Street here in San Diego. I mentioned attending Ray at Night in 2003, but I’m not totally sure what year I first went. They’ve been putting it on for almost 10 years. Before we went…

  • screenshot
    Paul M Bowers

    In this post from 8 years ago, I mention Paul M Bowers, a photographer that was around the corner from us at AVENCOM in San Diego. He took many of our photos. I thought I’d check out his site,, and see how it had changed. I’m actually sort of delighted that it is the…