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  • Sassy Dad
    Matt & Beth Lee are now parents. I’m so happy for them. I expect this was an amazing 3 day weekend for them.
  • Sassy Weighs In
    The Insidious Culture of Non-Mandatory Overtime. Read it. And may I suggest: ITOvertime. Food for thought, kids.
  • Race to the bottom
    I was in Wal-Mart yesterday. The whole joint is a race to the bottom. How cheap can it be done. We don’t care where. We don’t care who. We don’t consider long term economic benefit or harm. We want the lowest price. So Sassy’s predictions, inasmuch as they focus on cheapness – eliminating staff, outsourcing…
  • San Jose
    Sassy’s post The Way, about Microsofttm‘s hokiness got me singing San Jose (The Way) (The Frankie Goes To Hollywood version). So of course I had to grab it via iTunes. Totally worth 99 cents. I’ve never done Karaoke. But I bet I could do that song. (Aside: only part of posting this is procrastination).
  • Web Programming as Cop Shows
    As my pal Matt Lee (Sassy) says: We are dorks. Read it
  • Feedback on Google From Sassy
    Matthew Lee says about my post about the City of San Diego and Google: I think Don Norman said something like: “Even the term ‘navigation’ is pretentious–it assumes that people aren’t going to be able to find what they want without looking for it” Google rules, as far as I’m concerned google is the bar,…
  • Comics Retailing Contender?
    In response to my post about comic book stores, Sassy the Comic Book Geek writes: You gotta visit Forbidden Planet in NYC: three floors of pure nerdly goodness! To which I reply: Yes, yes I do.