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  • Apple to retcon the PADD

    PADD = “PADD” is an acronym for Personal Access Display Device, a hand-held computer interface, used as early as the 22nd century and well into the 24th century. Supposedly Apple Computer of Cupertino, California will be retconning the PADD in about an hour. I will defer to Jason Kottke on what the best sources of…

  • Digital Archaeology: Favorites List, 1990s

    A list I kept of stuff I liked. Why? Don’t ask me! I’m the 35 year old version of me. Now I do this sort of stuff on the website. Heck, why am I posting this here? Well, it’s fun. *Movies* The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai After Hours Aliens All The President’s Men The Big…

  • Alien Spraypaintcolor, 1987

    Another in a series of experiments with ink and spraypaint. Less effective. I like the idea of this one more than I like it. He could easily be part of the Star Trek rougues gallery. I like the inclusion of an alien alphabet on this one.

  • Notebook, 1988

    I have a notebook I started in March, 1988. I think it was a birthday gift. Maybe not. I was 18. It’s full of cryptic lists and notes and scribbles. I’m going to transcribe some of it, then I’m going to throw it out. It may not make any sense. More after the cut.

  • Evocative Phrase

    “Star Trek” fistfight music

  • Last night I watched the premiere episode of Enterprise

    Last night I watched the premiere episode of Enterprise – the new series based on the Trek franchise. I’m a fan, and I dug it. My friend Chris and I used to discuss at length things like how warp drive works, and the history of the Trek universe. Chris had a book which was published…

  • I admit it. I watch Television.

    I admit it. I watch Television. I even like some of it. Some faves include Law & Order (both flavors) The Simpsons, Survivor, Frontline, and even those Trek shows. Another favorite is NYPD Blue. Somewhere along the line I went looking for sites which discussed NYPD Blue – and that is how I discovered the…