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  • Haps
    So here’s the deal kids. Today, Monday 28 July, 2008 was my last on-site workday at Sierra Online. Working at Sierra was a pleasure. Altogether pleasant and professional people there, and several new friendships formed. Alas, like most things, it had to come to an end. There are changes afoot for Sierra, and I hope…
  • San Francisco Suggestions?
    Hey-o: Leah and I are going to BlogHer this weekend, now I, not being a woman, and wanting to relax anyway, am going to be chilling in San Francisco Friday and Saturday (Thursday night and Sunday morning too, but to a much lesser extent obviously, since we’re driving from and to Moorpark those days). So…
  • Before and After Trip
    Leahpeah and me, approximately before and after our trip: Onward, y’all! And hey, what’s up with the hot weather out here? And when are the darn water temperatures going to rise to go with the air temperature rise?
  • Flying Tomorrow
    Feeling busy. Got to pack. Work too. Feeling pretty good, all in all. Not sure what to say beyond that. What else is there, anyway?
  • I don’t want to set the Misc on fire.
    Today is catch-up and do stuff day. First, enjoy some Sinfest! Also, know that the truly twisted (and rarely safe for work) online comic Perry Bible Fellowship has a book coming out soon, with the enigmatic title The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories: A Collection of The Comic Strips of The Perry Bible…
  • Things About Utah
    Man, that ground is red. Fry sauce. Dial-up is slow. It is bad to put cellular phones into washing machines. I gave my copy of The Jefferson Bible to Leah’s parents. I like dried papaya. Many movies and TV shows have been shot in Kanab. Driving through the area where the polygamists live is eerie….
  • Arar: Traveled via USA, deported to Syria and Tortured
    Read this: Some more facts: Torture by proxy/How immigration threw a traveler to the wolves. a) Arar was not trying to enter the USA. He was just doing a plane change in NYC coming in from Europe and going on to Montreal. Since then the USA has cancelled the program that let you stay in…
  • Pittsburgh Adventures (written in the Pittsburgh AirPort, from December 5th)
    So as I write this, the flight crew for my flight back to San Diego is circling the Pittsburgh Airport. So we’re delayed as my ready-to-go plane awaits a pilot. Yesterday was harrowing. The snow came down in buckets starting at about 12 noon Eastern time in Roanoke. My flight out was scheduled for 6:30pm….
  • Steve and Natty’s Excellent Adventure, Updated, mentioned before, have updated their amazing travelogue » Go there already!
  • An Excellent Observation on Airlines
    … in a Longer, Interesting Speech from Bruce Sterling. Worth a read. Really worth your valuable time. If you’ve been in airports recently, I believe you are seeing a pretty apt, early version of Terrorspace. At any random moment, you can have your possessions rifled through by strangers. Your shoes are scanned, and various small…