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  • Make XML Sitemaps Easily with PHP!

    I am a huge fan of simple solutions for the web. So many solutions require tons of tooling or a giant content management system and those things are brittle over the long haul of time. XML Sitemaps help search engines, notably Google but other search engines too. In October 2009 I created this code to…

  • <birthday number=”5years”>XML</birthday>; Thoughts on HTML’s Popularity

    From XML at Five from Rick Jelliffe … criticized XHTML: “HTML thrived on being more forgiving of missing tags than even SGML allowed. Throwing that away makes HTML a lot less attractive. Which is true of markup in general, actually.” With which I wholeheartedly agree. HTML is supposedly the most common electronic document type…

  • San Diego Bloggers : RSS Feed

    And now there’s a SDB RSS Feed.