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  • Mr. Ché

    In keeping with the reorganization theme… Even my cat’s web page has been updated.

  • Pranzo con Kynn a Filippi’s

    Today was unremarkable save that I had an enjoyable lunch with Kynn at local Pizza joint Filippis’s Pizza Grotto. There is no electronic substitute for good company, conversation, and food. There are not many people on the planet who I can keep up with and can keep up with me while: eating antipasto and pizza;…

  • Quote of the Day

    More and more, with the rise of the computer and the Internet, people tend to think mechanistically and digitally: “If it can’t be encoded as data, then it ain’t worth sh*t. It ain’t anything that we should be worried about.” They tend to think of life as a decision tree, a hierarchy, some kind of…

  • Powerpoint Makes A Difference!

    Followup from A Good Use Of MS PowerPoint from

  • Cookie Monster:

    Seems like several times in the past few weeks I’ve seen questions on web405 and websandiego about the rules for cookie and cookie origin — and how those were pretty much plugged holes. Well, The most modern and current versions of Windows IE 5.5 and 6 apparently are taking us back a few years when…

  • Silly Scrollbars:

    MSIE on Windows demonstration of a wild scrollbar effect. Silly, but neat in its’ own way.