joe crawford. san diego. california. code. occasional comics. toy robots. bodysurfing.
since 1998

This is the personal website of Joe Crawford.

You might know me from San Diego. Or Los Angeles, or Ventura County, or Virginia, or the Philippinessee also. Have we worked together–in tech or in a hospital when I was a respiratory therapist? Maybe we met at a drink-and-draw or sketch party? Perhaps you read a comic of mine in a Burn All Books anthology? Or maybe you know me from the beach, which I visit often, usually bodysurfing. Or a convention (was I sketchnoting? Comic-Con? XOXO? Long ago at a BarCamp? Maybe a long time ago you heard me on the radio.) Whatever reason, welcome! There’s more here than you can read in one sitting. Here’s even more about me:

I am a programmer by trade. Here’s some of my writing about programming. Some of my work is on GitHub. This website is a work in progress and features a hand-rolled WordPress theme. I use phpStorm and VSCode for most of my work. You can read more about the background of this site at the colophon. My resume is here.

I collect toy robots.

I make comics. One made it into a literary journal. Do you want to do an art trade or buy a Riso print of mine? I have stickers too.

I love the ocean. I always have. I swim and bodysurf. #stoke

Lately I’ve been appalled by Twitter, but you can find me on Mastodon. And if you’re interested in a particular kind of pick-me-up check out my affirmations bot.

There’s thousands of posts here. Some were imported from blogger, some from, many from Instagram, some are just lists of links, some are longer reflections on life. If you’re determined to read you might start with what has been most commented upon. Here’s the Colophon. Enjoy!

You can email me at or see more on Mastodon or instagram or other places.