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I’m a web developer, and I love to swim, bodysurf, and write code. I’m into collecting toy robots. The tiles below are links to an assortment of pages and recent posts. Here's more about me.

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I'm glad you dropped by. Feel free to send a webmention, or leave a comment or sign the guestbook. Every two weeks I have been hosting Front End Study Hall events. Learn more on

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Here’s the last 30 days.

July 18
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July 17
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Thought for the day, on Rejection (131 words)
Goodbye, Fax! (108 words)
July 11
The Wolfgang Press (291 words)
Scam of the Day from (107 words)
July 1
Quote of the Day (83 words)
June 27
Tell Me Whatcha Want (35 words)
June 26
Professional Space / Personal Space (396 words)
June 25
Slack costs money, of course. (821 words)