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I’m a web developer, and I love to swim, bodysurf, and write code. I’m into collecting toy robots. The tiles below are links to an assortment of pages and recent posts. Here's more about me.

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I blog.

Here’s the last 30 days.

June 10
Happy Birthday David! (30 words)
June 6
Florida by Stew & The Negro Problem (308 words)
June 5
Bandwidth Throttling (334 words)
Merge Conflict Music Video Morning (723 words)
June 4
I go away for a weekend and there’s a shark attack. (86 words)
May 31
Goodbye, FOAF (339 words)
May 30
Questions of the Day (99 words)
XOXO Fest is a go. (85 words)
May 29
The Web Is Better. (528 words)
May 28
(Not) Now (141 words)
May 27
Blogger Redirects, Linkrot & Writing (454 words)
Bits and Pieces Programming (243 words)
May 24
CSS Illustrations (30 words)
May 22
Joe Project Updates (340 words)
May 21
Webmention check! (27 words)
May 18
Where’s the IndieWeb going? some random musings (709 words)
May 17
Frank Zappa: American Composer (72 words)
Molly White is optimistic about the #IndieWeb (795 words)
May 16
On Belonging (502 words)
May 15
BO-HWC: Social Norms in the IndieWeb: upcoming event (295 words)
20 Year Article Idea Fulfilled (647 words)