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Links as in “link in bio” — mostly this is for Instagram but also applies to Mastodon.

Merch is my store and it includes Riso prints and stickers and links to Redbubble where I have many more items that can be bought on demand.

About was recently updated and might be worth a read if you’re confused.

Current Musical Obsession: Lawrence

The band Lawrence on heavy rotation for me. Why? I don’t know, really. I do like soul and funk. I do like a girl singer, and it has that in Gracie Lawrence. I dig the piano of Clyde Lawrence–maybe the sound reminds me of Billy Preston a bit? I’m not really smart about unpacking why something hits my ear and brain and heart in a particular way. The lead two players of Lawrence are brother and sister, which I think blunts the effect of of songs which are duets as necessarily romantic. They are more cooperative. Songs as “conversation,” maybe.

I’m no music critic.

I think their live (live and taped?) performances on YouTube–“Acoustic-ish”–are what sold me. Earnest, guileless, but somehow still smart. It’s absolutely a performance–and of course every performance is a contrivance by its nature–but the sometimes-Gospel-level intensity hits me in my heart.

Give a listen, have a watch:

23 / latest “single”


Don’t Lose Sight

deja vu / (Olivia Rodrigo cover)

i’m confident that i’m insecure / the one I saw first

And don’t lose sight, baby, don’t lose sight

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Pre-rain, the sunset was good at OB.

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PB lunchtime.

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Today’s big wave session I grabbed a preview of last night.

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Waves were like wild animals coming at me today.

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Happy Stokesgiving

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Thanksgiving Eve Day. Is that a thing? Yes maybe.

Testing Webmentions with Matt Cool!

Hey, I’m a big fan of #IndieWeb as I’ve mentioned in the past. Here I’ll test web-mentioning Matt Cool’s post!. Will it work? Let’s try it out!

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Today after my session I saw @lifeguardsofsandiego respond to an incident with a beachgoer who needed CPR and advanced life support. I’ve been treated for stingray injuries by them and they’re always courteous and professional—simple first aid. I don’t often think of them as a paramedical service but of course they are. It turns out they’re a great one. Kudos to their quick work and smoothly handing off the patient, resuscitated, to ambulance personnel. I hope the person is okay; I’m grateful the lifeguards are on the job!