Viridian Contest Entries Viridian Couture Contest #5 July 01999

   (((Keep in mind that you're not creating clothes that
*you yourself* would want to wear. Your task in this
Viridian Couture Contest is to create a formal, 
distinctive, 21st century subcultural caste costume for
rich male computer geeks. You have to imagine rich
millionerds, Microserfs and Dellionaires actually buying
this stuff == (well no, you have to imagine their wives
buying it for them) == but you have to imagine them
feeling genuinely *proud to wear it* and being totally
convinced that it was *really ultramodern, sophisticated
and cool.* They're wearing this garb on the steps of
their corporate jets; they're wearing it as
they ostentatiously sign charity checks; they're wearing it as
they receive the National Medal of Technology.
   (((So we are looking for a male-model catwalk shot,
something suitable for the pages of GQ, circa 2007.
The executive of the future requires protection of all kinds: from the elements, from those who would wish her or him ill, and from netattack. Continuous conferencing and communications are available via heads up display and hand gesture macro language.The CITYSUIT provides continuous net access, bioactive climate control, and terror countermeasures. Utilizing new biologically active technologies, what once required a hundred point NASA EVA suit can now be replicated in a suit with the mass of a typical 20th century three-piece suit.

You’ll look chic, be protected from the devolving atmosphere, and be safe from the teeming mobs, all while never being far from your e-mail, sysadmin, press corps. staff and of course your loved ones!

What contest?