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January 2012 Sixty-two posts

Remember when we sold nearly everything?

From November 15th, 2009. Wow a lot has happened since then.

Big Big Sale!

Whole House Sale Sat-Sun 13-14 Nov 2009 [9am-4pm]

[REDACTED], Moorpark, CA

We are selling EVERYTHING in our house this week and this weekend. EVERYTHING MUST GO


We have:
     refrigerator (viblis by whirlpool – $200)
     several desks
     tall bookcases (pine, unfinished, great condition)
     kids games and toys! lots of fun stuff
     misc furniture
     mattresses – several one
     decorative items of many kinds
          medium teen boy clothes
          women’s large and plus size
     ps2 game system (ps2 slim, 2 controllers, 2 guitar hero guitars, many games)
     gamecube game system (2 controllers, many games)
     vhs machine
     older console tvs super cheap
     kitchen table + chairs
          dishes (lots of nice dishes)
          cooking pots
     art supplies
          pens, pencils
          paint LOTS OF PAINT
     craft supplies
     frames – $1.00 a piece
     books galore!
          science fiction
          graphic novels
          computer programming
     musical instruments

If you have questions about what we have to offer and get a feel for items and prices feel free to call [REDACTED] or send an email via craigslist!

We did sell almost everything, but we still have a lot of stuff. 1% of a lot of stuff is still a lot of stuff, as it turns out.

Also, this ended up driving us to Virginia, where, unbeknownst to us, we ended up spending the last year of my Mom’s life with my Mom and Dad. These are the kind of serendipitous acts of Grace and what you might call divine intervention that have acted in our lives in the past few years. It’s quite a run.

Signs & Wonders (from yesterday)

To Ojai

Yesterday we spent the day with Tony, who’s in the midst of some staggering decisions. Rock on Tony!

Google Latitude has a record of the datapoints of where we were. Which is alternately cool and frightening and also cool.

Veterans Hospital NEXT EXIT

Mural at Pete's


Signs & Wonders (from yesterday)

When closed throw coins in slot

When closed throw coins in slot


Used computer books at Bart’s open air books. Cc: @zeldman

Mural at Pete’s

Veterans Hospital NEXT EXIT

Smorgasborg, not Smorgasbord

I spent some time reworking a page I’ve had hidden, or at least deemphasized for about 5 years.

The page is the one I named Smorgasborg in 1988. It has been my “entertaining, silly and educational junk drawer” ever since then.

I remember a time when things on the web seemed to have shorter lives, and some of what’s there are things that I thought were cool and I felt should have permanent homes.

Some of it is stuff I made but I didn’t have a rational place to put. A macaroni salad recipe, for example does not belong in a resume or portfolio.

So I invite you, now, to visit the smorgasborg. New items include the Roman Numerals 0 to MMMMMMMMMM and IT OKAY, DON’T BE CRY.

Like I said: silly.

Sunset from La Meaa