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  • Star Wars: Uncut
    Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut. Star Wars ’77. Chunked into 15 second segments. Segments claimed by filmmakers, amatuers, animators, goofballs, and then the segments are reassembled into Star Wars. Certain people will find this beautiful, wonderful, incredible. I expect some people won’t be able to watch more than about 6 minutes. I watched the whole…

  • R2-D2, 1977
    “May The Force Be With You” And I love my stylized signature. My seven-year-old self seems to have been going for a futuristic rounded rectangle look. I have always loved letters, lettering, and typography.

  • Joe as Star Wars Toy
    At the Con the Star Wars people had a booth where you could pretend to be an action figure. For those of you wondering what I would look like as a Star Wars toy, wonder no more.
  • Today was a wonderful day.
    Today I got up early and did my laundry. Today I spoke to my Mom and sister for a good long talk. Today I went swimming for the first time in a long time. Today I helped build a prefab garden shed. Today I gave a copy of Understanding Comics away. Today I had crunchy…