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About Joe Crawford

Me Hi. I’m Joe. This is my personal website. It’s got lots of stuff!

I’ve written code for a living for a while. itself runs on WordPress and it looks and works the way it does because I programmed the theme and underlying code. E.g: I wrote the WordPress shortcode that generates the next sentence: This blog has 8,924 posts, 2,632 comments, 6,239 embedded images, and 3,516 outbound links.

For more about me as a professional software developer I suggest you start at joecrawford dot com.

I live in San Diego, California. I like to bodysurf and swim in the ocean year-round. I wrote a comic about my enthusiastic return to swimming. My father told me when I was a teen to not just consume media, but also to make it. Personal publishing became that for me, and I’ve been blogging since 2001. I love to draw, sometimes at Sketch Party San Diego. I also create comics, prints and stickers.

I am often at Ocean Beach or Mission Beach. Sometimes Orange County Beaches are the thing. I love beaches. Pools too. I take photos when I go in the water: 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020.

I was an Army brat, I was also a Navy brat. So I’ve lived a lot of places. Mostly I’ve lived in California, San Diego, Alhambra, Los Angeles, Koreatown, Cheviot Hills, Moorpark, Simi Valley. I am the rare San Diegan who also loves Los Angeles. I lived in the Philippines as a kid which is how I came to love Voltes V and all robots. Also Virginia: Roanoke and Charlottesville. I have family there.

I’m twice divorced. The second was amicable. Since then I’m very lucky and happy to have met Kelly. We live together happily along with Gwen The Goblin.

I believe in the power of the web. That might sound strange or grandiose. But I do. The web has allowed me to stay in touch with people, learn, change my profession. It’s incredible the way it can connect people. In the last few years we’ve seen both the power and also the danger of connecting people without care and moderation. But I am hopeful that we can improve the web. That’s why I care about the indieweb movement. (see also #indieweb.

I took stewardship for Blog of the .Day from James in 2024. Add yourself via GitHub.

I love groups and events that empower people. I founded WebSanDiego at the turn of the century. San Diego Bloggers was another thing I was proud of. I sold it but there are times I wish I’d hadn’t.

I love an unconference or BarCamp. I attended XOXO in 2019 and will again in 2024. UX Camp DC, too. San Diego Comic-Con is a highlight of my year. I love doing cosplay. One goal is to get on a panel there with one of my expertises.

There’s a lot here. To get a good sense of what’s here you might start on the Tags page.

Twitter is dead. But I’m on Mastodon. And if you’re interested in a particular kind of pick-me-up check out my affirmations bot.

The places: To Top

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina (Ft. Bragg)
  2. San Diego, California (Skyline)
  3. Riverside, CA
  4. Echo Park, CA
  5. Alhambra, CA
    • School: Park School
  6. Quezon City, Philippines
    • School: La Salle Green Hills
  7. San Diego, CA (Skyline)
    • School: Anderson Elementary School
  8. New Orleans, LA
  9. Gretna, LA
    • School: Christ The King School
  10. San Diego, CA (Clairemont)
  11. San Diego, CA (Pacific Beach)
    • School: University of San Diego High School
    • Work: Citizen’s Western Bank
  12. Roanoke, Virginia
    • School: Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley: College of Health Sciences
  13. Charlottesville, VA
    • Work: University of Virginia Medical Center
  14. Buena Park, CA
    • Work: Los Alamitos Medical Center
  15. Los Angeles, CA (Koreatown)
    • Work: California Hospital Los Angeles
    • School: UCLA Extension
  16. Los Angeles, CA (Cheviot Hills)
    • Work: Hollywood (GTM)
    • Work: Downtown (ARCO)
    • Work: Marina Del Rey (Jamison/Gold)
  17. San Diego, CA (Serra Mesa)
    • Work: Solana Beach (Edupoint)
    • Work: Kearny Mesa (Bidland)
    • Work: Gaslamp Quarter (AVENCOM)
  18. San Diego, CA (North Park)
  19. San Diego, CA (Sherman Heights)
    • Work: Downtown (
    • School: San Diego City College
  20. Simi Valley, CA
  21. Moorpark, CA
    • Work: Ojai, CA
    • Work: Camarillo, CA
    • Work: Los Angeles, CA
    • Work: Hollywood, CA
    • Work: Glendale, CA
  22. Roanoke, VA
  23. San Diego, CA (Fashion Valley)
    • Work: Sorrento Valley, CA
    • Work: Rancho Bernardo, CA
    • Work: Miramar Ranch North, CA
    • Work: Sorrento Valley, CA
    • Work: Carlsbad, CA

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