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May 2022 Thirty posts

Two giant rides close to the Jetty make goofy smiles.

Making a date to have an incredible meal is a luxury for a holiday. Amazing privilege.

Came out of the water whistling the Hawaii 5-0 theme song. No shots from the water today: forgot the case. Used the hard fins: water too big for the new soft ones. Memorial Day is a peculiar holiday. The history is complicated. For “fun” you can look it up along with Decoration Day, Armed Forces Day, Armistice Day, & Veterans Day. I’m glad to have the day off but it’s certainly a holiday that gives me pause.

Second swim today was mostly hot tub.

Some sessions, whoa. Clouds to clear. Sunny and not. Lost my fin, found an orange toy shovel. Got my fin back through the kindness of strangers; gave the toy shovel away. Yesterday posted a photo of a stingray in the water. This morning sighted this unfortunate soul washed up. What a morning!

Stingray in the water minding their own business. Got this shot on video inadvertently. The fins I bought recently were great. Fine day.

better late than never

“long-promised road / flows to the source / gentle force / neverending / neverending”

New Bot Day! This nameless “Fembot” is from The Bionic Woman (1976-78). The tv show is a spinoff to similar series The Six Million Dollar Man. Lindsay Wagner stars as Jaime Sommers: a smart, beautiful, super-powered cyborg woman who goes on mission for government agency OSI. Fembots are the creation of the evil Dr. Franklin, who once worked for OSI. Jaime defeated many Fembots over the course of the series. This one has had “her” face ripped off, exposing the reality of her robot-ness!

Can’t use ya ‘coz ya feets too big #FatsWaller