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I can never remember the name of GitPrime which is now Pluralsight Flow

I worked for a startup a few years ago and one of the tools that company used to measure developer productivity was GitPrime. The tool tied into the primary code repository in GitHub and made reports on the work done. It measured commits by size and pattern. It was fairly intelligent about attempting to create a composite picture of the work being done to make useable metrics. And not just that, but to contextualize the trends.

Anyway, when describing this tool to measure performance, I can never ever remember the name. It does not help that the name has changed to Pluralsight Flow. I always end up bugging Eric Lawler for this (he was the CTO there) and he’s always very nice about remembering the name since the bills got paid via him.

But when in doubt, blog it!

Also, here are some screenshots that do a pretty good job documenting what the reports looked like. I grabbed (read: stole) these screenshots from a site called DiscoverCloud, here. After the acquisition and rename, the the screenshots I see in the new site are a bit different. These screens give the flavor of the tool:

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