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LEGOs galore

This post 52: A Crazy LEGO Journey is wonderful and inspirational. Who doesn’t love LEGO bricks?

Slacker Radio to LiveXLive to LiveOne

Hey, the great company I worked for for a long time changed their name. became became Today I’m catching up on email.

LiveXLive is becoming LiveOne

Introducing LiveOne

We’re excited to announce that LiveXLive is becoming LiveOne! In the coming weeks, look for new branding on our website, and in our mobile and TV apps, including our music, podcast, video and livestream broadcasts.

LiveOne. A new name with new benefits and rewards. All the content you already know and love… reimagined!

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How many quotes of the day are enough: Clay Shirky

Transformation of Higher Ed: Great Books and American Diversity by Clay Shirky. Seriously, read it. Some of the quotes which made me laugh and think include:

You will never guess where the deepest questions were asked and the greatest texts written, and since you won’t be able to guess, I’ll just tell you: It was Europe!

If the English department is strong, English courses will be required; if weak, electives. If a school is organized around research, students will choose their major early; if it is organized around teaching, they may have two years of “general education”, of which there is of course no such thing. Georgia Tech requires a course in computing; Bard does not. Bard requires a course in Meaning, Being, and Value; Georgia Tech does not. And so on.

In the same way a pizza is a pie chart of how much pizza is left, the curriculum is a record of who won the argument about what goes in the curriculum.

Over the arc of American history, colleges started to become non-sectarian when not enough students of their chosen religion applied to pay the bills, coeducational when not enough men applied, diverse when not enough whites applied, and international when not enough citizens applied.

That change was slowed, however, because mandatory retirement for faculty was abolished in 1993. Prior to that year, most professors had to retire at 70. After the limit was uncapped, many stayed on; one study measured a 14-fold increase in professors over the age of 70, increasing their numbers from 1 in 100 to around 1 in 7.

Camp Kearney panoramas in the Library of Congress

See Camp Kearney panoramas in the Library of Congress. Found out about this via this PDF that’s a history of Miramar. One fun fact is that the boundaries of Linda Vista in the 19th and early 20th century were way different than what we call Linda Vista now.

Here’s a factlet that’s fascinating:

In October 1968, Miramar had become the busiest military airfield in the nation and was fourth among all U.S. airports behind the likes of New York’s John F. Kennedy, O’Hare in Chicago and Los Angeles International Airport.


From Stardust Coyote Gazette, a newsletter you ought to subscribe to by Stardust Coyote:

YOLO and YOLED are both self care, a whole yin yang approach. If this concept resonates with you, journal about it a bit this month. Experiment with where you can YOLED more in your life, what that looks like on a day to day basis. You might even want to journal about YOLO vs. YOLED and how you can take advantage of each one. One of my favorite YOLED rituals right now is when I get in the car, taking time to get comfortable, set up a playlist and my drink before I drive off. Noticing where I’m rushing and applying YOLED there has been my experiment lately. Try it if you want ✨ If you like this concept, I made a little word art you can print out and hang up for a reminder, just click the image to download and print.

Quote of the Day from Prof Galloway

From his post @elon: in which Galloway says what free speech actually is and how it applies to Twitter.

…Some basic law: Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy, but free speech is a protection from government limits on speech. Free speech doesn’t limit Twitter … it protects Twitter. Rigorous adherence to the principle of free speech means Twitter shapes its own voice, which, if it decides, is not amplifying hate speech, false speech, or speech calling for insurrection. Users who want that content can find it elsewhere, such as 4chan, or Truth Social (not really … DOA). Free speech principles are government principles, just as censorship is government action. Everything else is competing speech.

Moreover, Twitter is an important space for communication, but “free speech principles” and “democracy” do not require or even suggest that Twitter let anyone say anything. On the contrary, they militate for reasonable moderation. An unfettered forum is not free, it’s an invitation to mob rule. If Twitter is the “de facto public square,” that’s because the site moderates content, not despite its efforts to do so. Almost nobody wants unfettered speech on Twitter. Imagine your email inbox but with no spam filters … times 280. Moderation is why 4chan gets 20 million users per month, while Twitter gets 217 million users per day.

New Blog Read: 23 Breaths

Any blog that has a post about the wonder of surf mats (rubber things you can ride in waves) is an instant read for me. Go 23 Breaths Go!

and again, surf mats

Good news on the Tijuana River; from Surfrider

From Surfrider: Clean Border Water Now Lawsuit Settlement:

Dangerous pollutants (including sewage, chemicals, heavy metals, physical trash and other contaminants), flow through the Tijuana River Valley and into the Pacific in south San Diego County, forcing closures of local beaches nearly 300 days per year. The lawsuit settlement alongside EPA programs on the border will ensure that over 75% of contaminated pollution flows are reduced year-round and beach closures due to water quality impairment can be reduced by 95% in summer months.

The settlement calls of the following:

  1. Support construction of a main channel temporary berm in the Tijuana River channel in Mexico to prevent or minimize dry weather flow events;
  2. Improve canyon collector operations, including daily inspections, maintenance, response equipment, catch basins, and trash booms;
  3. Increase cross-border communications, planning and reporting;
    Improve water quality monitoring; and
  4. Regular removal of polluting material from the main channel of the Tijuana River.

“A short conversation with, and about, a bank” by Dan Hon

A short conversation with, and about, a bank by Dan Hon is brilliant and hilarious and covers a great deal of what I mean when I say computers are bad and are to be avoided.

If you are so inclined, you might enjoy a subscription to his newsletter.

Home Sweet Homepage

I love this so much. It’s my story too, though I was 10 years older. And I remain on the internet with a homepage and everything.

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