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YOLO and YOLED are both self care, a whole yin yang approach. If this concept resonates with you, journal about it a bit this month. Experiment with where you can YOLED more in your life, what that looks like on a day to day basis. You might even want to journal about YOLO vs. YOLED and how you can take advantage of each one. One of my favorite YOLED rituals right now is when I get in the car, taking time to get comfortable, set up a playlist and my drink before I drive off. Noticing where I’m rushing and applying YOLED there has been my experiment lately. Try it if you want ✨ If you like this concept, I made a little word art you can print out and hang up for a reminder, just click the image to download and print.

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What else did he post in April 2022?

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