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4½ miles from home to Dog Beach.

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I was not sullen but look sullen in this. I took a day to walk all over. This was along the SD River. Helped an older, lost couple with directions. My Spanish was terrible. I wrote out directions with my phone & Google’s help. People lost around San Diego have been picking me out of a crowd as potentially helpful for a long time. I bet they got where they were going but I will never know. Lastly, unlike C3PO I don’t ever say “No more adventures.”

Stopped into @super7sandiego — super awesome shop but did not buy today. But I’ll be back! Any store with Jumbo Machinder is okay by me!



At least the pool is open while they’re rebuilding these concrete fences.

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Bloody Mary “Man Candy” bacon-style.

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Current Bot Cuteness Corner

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HELLO KITTY CHOGOKIN (look it up) — New Bot Wednesday features ハロー・キティdriving a giant robot of herself. The paws really shoot!

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