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April 2008 Forty posts

Music Vids of the Day

Both covers. Both awesome.

Blitzkrieg Bop (about this song) by Gus and Fin (via BoingBoing):

Rock the Casbah (about this song) by Rachid Taha (via Neil Kramer):

Now that should start your day off right. It did mine. Off to the pool! And possibly Fry’s Electronics. Possibly.

Leah has an essay in this

Picked it up today at lunch — Things I Learned About My Dad: Humorous and Heartfelt Essays. Edited by dooce. Congratulations Leah! Much more info and links to the other contributors over at Heather A’s blog.

Terrific Article: Microsoft/Yahoo

Excellent rundown of what the scenarios are for a Yahoo/Microsoft. I’m not as expert at understanding financial issues as some others, but I feel like this made me smarter — If Microsoft goes fully hostile on Yahoo by Marc Andreessen.

I often see job opportunities for working at Yahoo — contracting positions at various facilities in California — including some that would be realistic choices for me. These formerly excited me with their promise. I have to say the prospect of working for Microsoft has never excited me, while working at Yahoo has. I’m not sure if this is rational.

I will say that what I have experienced of employees of both companies at various events over the last ten years tell me Yahoos tend to be happier than Microsofties. But my sample size is not that large.

Before and After Trip

Leahpeah and me, approximately before and after our trip:

So awake at six in the morning
At Dulles waiting to board.

Onward, y’all! And hey, what’s up with the hot weather out here? And when are the darn water temperatures going to rise to go with the air temperature rise?

Back from D.C.

Great trip. My sister is married! So happy for her and Daniel. Here’s right as they were officially pronounced.

Kelly and Daniel Married!

Beautiful ceremony, great reception, much dancing.

Back home now, and taking the day off to recover.

Flying Tomorrow

Feeling busy. Got to pack. Work too.

Feeling pretty good, all in all.

Not sure what to say beyond that. What else is there, anyway?

Bicycling the 405


via tony pierce, via laist, via banned bikes.

As a sometime 405 commuter, I’m amazed at what the the *motorcycles* do, let alone what bikes could do.

I wonder what science fictional scenario gets the 405 freeway repurposed for bikes. Maybe $10/gas?

Update: Banned Bikes has an update post — Freeway Aftermath, which points to the thread on MetBlogs which has some historical background on bikes in L.A., among other things.

So Tired

So tired.

So this is me after a slightly longer swim than normal after skipping two days. I wore myself out. I twittered this too, but I’m not sure being immediately sore is the sign of a good workout, or poor form, or overexertion, or not enough warming up, or the gap between times swimming, or just that it was at the end of a day where I was already a little tired.

No matter, off to the pool again this morning!

Poor Communications Skills

…about coffee.


via vintage ads

Weekend’s End

Weekend was great overall. Next weekend: my sister’s wedding! Very exciting.

Here’s Ty warming up with his team before the game yesterday:

Warming up

Yes, he is often just a blur.

They lost, but played well, and had great sportsmanship. They were playing up, and played very classy as the other team started to gloat. It’s hard in this culture to be a gracious winner, I think. I don’t think we have many examples of that. Everything is about “PWNED!!!111” Sad, I think.

The non-basketball highlight of the Santa Barbara trip, besides Tyler driving was going to Freebirds World Burrito for great burritos! They are a bit spendy — but it’s rather like a Subway for burritos and quesadillas – pick “Regular” or “Monster” size flour tortilla, then choose toppings — refried beans, rice, black beans, steak, broiled chicken, pork, guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, onion, lettuce, sour cream, tomato — get one or five or whatever you want! I got a monster and could not finish it. Come to think of it, those leftovers are now breakfast! Ty, despite being almost entirely muscle, ate his whole “Monster.” The boy’s metabolism is amazing at 15. And more important than that, his activity level is through the roof.

Okay, time to get going on this week. Should be a fun one.