Ode To Thursday

Who am I kidding? I don’t want to write an ode. It’s six in the mornin’.

Starting early. Having lunch with a good pal I’ve not seen in a few years. This could be fun.

Swam yesterday, TWICE. Even shared a lane swimming laps. It was fine.

I swam every day in the past 7 days for at 30 minutes or more. Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, depending on the timing and day. I’m thus continuously sore.

What’s that they say? Pain is weakness leaving the body. I think that might be true.

I used to hate it when a wise instructor of mine, Mr. Paul Lemons, M.A., would say that “no learning is possible without pain.” I rejected this out of hand. With every year that passes — 18 years have passed now — I understand the truth in his statement. I think he was paraphrasing Camus, but still.

Speaking of pain, Leah has a root canal today. Wish her well, won’t you? It’s gonna be great for her!

Not sure I will swim today, but then, I thought that day before yesterday, too.

Also, the moving process has begun. I hate it. My wallet is suddenly very thin from delivering deposit money. It’s all rather tight, considering TAX DEADLINE looming in the distance. But it’ll all get done. That’s how we do.

Have a good day, you. And as I used to say much more often, and am saying again more regularly — ONWARD.

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Hey Joe! Long time! Bob and I are looking you up and finding that you are SO Cool as expected! Check your voicemail. It was nice to hear your voice. Love the blog!

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