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  • “The Grand Canyon is a little of each”
    From Paul Ford‘s Just Like Heaven in The Morning News There is tourism for the body—a trip to the Jersey Shore or Ibiza, waterparks and nightclubs. Return relaxed, brain scooped. There is tourism for the mind—a walk through the Louvre, a visit to the Liberty Bell. The Grand Canyon is a little of each.
  • It’s Readers That Matter
    From Exclusive Interview With Ashok Banker! Where can we find more info about you and your work? From me directly. I follow a one-on-one approach to marketing. That means I wait for a reader or prospective reader to contact me, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, my blog, etc, and then I interact directly. It’s not…
  • Sometimes I Feel Like This
    I think it’s pretty awesome. The wave is big and terrifying, but the surfer’s doing his best. I wonder how it turned out. I wonder how it will turn out.
  • Water is a Balm for my Self
    I’ve been pondering how it is that I can get a mania for swimming when any daily exercise routine I’ve adopted has fallen by the wayside. But I have no trouble getting in the water to swim. Last week I asked my friend Chris, who I’ve now known for 22 years, if it makes sense…
  • No Thanks, Hopelessness
    John Scalzi writes a rather moving and rational answer to the eternal questions of “is that all there is?” and “why bother?” I have to say, it tracks with many of my own philosophies: Whatever: Reader Request Week 2007 #4: The Inevitable Blackness That Will Engulf Us All With the exception of the very last…
  • Science, Theology, and the Ontological Quest
    That’s what I’m on, too. I love their mission, which is sadly bound up in This flash movie. I like it so much here it is, transcribed: STOQ Mission: 1. Integration of Science and Human Values The double goal of the STOQ project is to contribute, through the Academic activities (teaching and research) of its…
  • Fascinating Bible and Christianity Interview; Religious Update
    The Fresh Air from December 17, 2003 is with the author of the book Lost Christianities: The Battle for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew. The interview is both interesting and moving, as the author says he came from a very literal, Evangelical faith of “The Book” — and had his faith shaken when…