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Twenty Year Anniversary

I don’t care for April Fool’s Day, but the opportunity to think about mistakes is a nice one. Five years ago, in No Fooling., I wrote:

15 years ago I learned something critical and important about myself. It’s beyond the scope of this blog to talk specifics, but let’s simply say that I made some grievous mistakes in my youth, for which I have atoned. I will never forget these lessons, and the people who have helped me be a better person over the years.

Now it’s twenty years. I’m staying cryptic about what the anniversary is about, perhaps someday I can find the words and be as vivid as I want to be, but for now know that 18 year old kids make horrible mistakes. I hope I’m able to apply the empathy I feel for my 18 year old self to my stepkids. I think I can, I think I do, maybe. It’s a process.

Also five years ago, I wrote:

Probably none of this makes sense, but that’s fine. I’m thinking too much about my audience for this blog and not about what matters. What matters is that this is a space for me to bleed on the page. A place for me to work stuff out.

Things are pretty good. It’s a big month though. BIG month. BIG Moving. BIG Tax Bill. BIG Wedding of my Sister. The days are packed.


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What else did he post in April 2008?

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