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Terrific Article: Microsoft/Yahoo2008Apr29

Excellent rundown of what the scenarios are for a Yahoo/Microsoft. I’m not as expert at understanding financial issues as some others, but I feel like this made me smarter — If Microsoft goes fully hostile on Yahoo by Marc Andreessen.

I often see job opportunities for working at Yahoo — contracting positions at various facilities in California — including some that would be realistic choices for me. These formerly excited me with their promise. I have to say the prospect of working for Microsoft has never excited me, while working at Yahoo has. I’m not sure if this is rational.

I will say that what I have experienced of employees of both companies at various events over the last ten years tell me Yahoos tend to be happier than Microsofties. But my sample size is not that large.

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Marc Andreessen had a talk at the Web 2.0 expo, where he made his “nuclear winter” remark.

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