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  • Mark Cuban’s counterintuitive take on NBC’s talk show moves

    Mark Cuban has a counterintuitive take on the changes NBC tried with regards to late night tv in his latest post: Why are we condemning Jeff Zucker & NBC over Leno? In today’s corporate world, if you don’t take the risks, you don’t get skewered on blogs, on cable news, in the newspaper. Public condemnation…

  • Google reviewing business operations in China

    Official Google Blog: A new approach to China: These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered–combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech on the web–have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. We have decided we are no longer willing…

  • Terrific Article: Microsoft/Yahoo

    Excellent rundown of what the scenarios are for a Yahoo/Microsoft. I’m not as expert at understanding financial issues as some others, but I feel like this made me smarter — If Microsoft goes fully hostile on Yahoo by Marc Andreessen. I often see job opportunities for working at Yahoo — contracting positions at various facilities…

  • Required Viewing for the Music Business

    via Mark Evanier, Flo and Eddie, aka The Turtles, explain their storied relationships with lawsuits and bad managers: The music business is a cesspool, always has been. Sad.

  • ATTN Web Designers: Ashley Qualls Beats You At Internet

    MySpace millionaire says “whatever” to high school Go Ashley Go! Ashley’s business is At first I found the 17 year old’s story a bit depressing, but after thinking about it a bit I find it really inspiring.