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Okay, one more post today.

But only because I’m narcissistic:

Photo of me and Erin’s cat Frida from I believe 1990 (though possibly 1989, but I doubt it):

Joe and Taz, circa 1989, 1990

Thankfully, my mustache phase did not last too long. I suppose every man has to try it out for a while.

Thanks Erin for posting that!

The craziest part of the photo, as I think of it, is not that I have a caterpillar on my lip, but that Frida actually seems happy to be snuggling with me for a minute. She’s now, er… reluctant to be friendly with me, or anyone but Ewon!

Update: Actually, that photo is of Taz, a different cat, not Frida.

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What else did he post in April 2008?

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