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Boøwy: Plastic Bomb

Boøwy was a Japanese rock group consisting of Kyosuke Himuro (vocals), Tomoyasu Hotei (guitar), Tsunematsu Matsui (bass) and Makoto Takahashi (drums). They were a rock band that reached legendary status in Japan during the 1980s. Their style of play varied from punk to pop rock and they had fans of all ages. The 1990s band movement was credited to Boøwy as they popularized the formation of musical groups, which caused musical instrument sales to hit an all-time high during the 90s and the record companies signed and debuted 80 bands during the 90s in hopes of finding a new Boøwy.

I had a dub (a recording onto cassette tape) of this band and “Plastic Bomb” was a favorite. Straight ahead rocking band, but you know, Japanese. This would have been around 1988 or so, and like many of my musical discoveries, I thank Erin for turning me on to this.

Here’s their official site. In Japanese, of course.

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(Tuesday April 15th 2008 at 6:06am)

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Randy Marlin

April 15, 2008 8:05am

Hey Joe, I’ve noticed you’ve spent some time talking about Stew & The Negro Problem. I’m desperately searching for his Sweetboot & Muddy Sweetboot cd’s. Not having any luck at all. Can you help? Thanks for your time. Randy

Hi Randy,

If the website does not have them — and yes, the store is down, bummer.

I’d say Amazon used, but it’s not there.

You can ask at the mailing list — maybe someone will sell it to you used.

Other than that I don’t know.

What do you think?

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