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  • Remember when we used to link to things?

    So here’s a link to Doc Searls:¬†Enough Alreadies, who said about leaving Quora: Even if something gets a lot of notice, the news cycle is hardly longer than Now, and the sense of having done something quickly disappears. The beautiful blog about aging with style Advanced Style posts Volunteer with Meals on Wheels, which sounds…

  • Blade Runner BMW Ad

    Really cool German BMW Ad which uses multiple motifs prop items from the film Blade Runner. I like the usage of Science Fiction in unusual places. I’m reminded of a post from last December, Robot Meets Girl.

  • Poor Communications Skills

    …about coffee. via vintage ads

  • Hilarious Outrage

    Tony Pierce pointed to some writing in his post our biggest story on la times blogs about how “right wing” bloggers were in a tizzy about this ad: I read a few, just a few, and chuckled. We in California live in former Mexican territory. And this ad plays on some of the history with…

  • Dog in a Sack

    You know, people have made fun of this invention, some even have derided it as cruel. However, I can see some dogs I have known kind having fun. Maybe only for short trips, I admit. And I’m certainly sympathetic to the fact that dogs can wreak havoc inside a car, as a distraction, making trouble….

  • Robot Meets Girl

    I really like this set of photos, originally from Girl Vogue Korea in January 2006. They are sweet and charming and very 21st Century. If you had asked me in 1986 what I thought magazine fashion spreads for teen girls would look like in 2006, this would have been my answer. Of course, I’d have…

  • Bebe Advertisements Site Updated and Moved.

    One of the most searched for things on this site is for “Bebe Ads.” Some time ago I became, well, obsessed about the wonderful photography contained in bebe ads. I’ve added some new ones, notably of Yamila Diaz, Nina Brosh, and Isabeli Fontana. I’ve also given them a home under the “fansite” directory of this…

  • I’ve aggregated the bebe advertisements I referred to a few weeks back…

    I’ve aggregated the bebe advertisements I referred to a few weeks back.