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  • After Action Report: SIGGRAPH, Petersen Auto Museum, Chris, Canter’s
    Last night I went to the SIGGRAPH LA event at Petersen Auto Museum. It was a terrific event and there was much inspiration and food for thought. I met my friend Chris Greazel there. It’s always great to see Chris. Apparently a touch screen “minority report” type interface for visualizing accessories has increased sales of…

  • Iron Man… the cup!
    I actually followed the Iron Man comic for a few years back in the mid-to-late 1980s, so I’m a fan. And it was a hot day, so I splurged on this collectible. A bit of fun, and the Slurpee was delicious.

  • Jelly Belly
    Several weeks ago, Leah got me a jar of Jelly Bellies for work from CostCo (our houseguests had a membership and we took advantage of it for a wee little while): Here they are yesterday, at the tail end of their existence: I like having candy at my desk. Folks come by, they say hello,…
  • Happy Thanksgiving
    I could not possibly say it any better than Sassy did in his post: Turkey Time at Vista Seeker: I am a big Thanksgiving fan. It’s a holiday with the sole purpose of getting together, eating, drinking, and being merry. There’s no religious overtones, no consumerism-tainted gift-guilting, and it’s a one-day thing – no endless…

  • Misc is out of Style
    To start with, a random screenshot from a video from 1989: It’s by MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Watch actual videos by MC 900 Ft Jesus below: I enjoy his music very much. He got his name from a vision of Oral Roberts: May 25, 1980, while overlooking his religious center which was in financial difficulty:…

  • Soyrizo & Eggs
    Mexican. Vegan. Kosher. Soy. Awesome.
  • Quorn = SCOP
    This stuff called quorn seems a lot like the “scop” (a commodity single cell protein food source found in novels of Bruce Sterling, particularly my favorite, Islands in the Net. And hey, here’s a site called scop. Nifty. Including some other terms from Sterling works.
  • Mad Cow Disease New Year: Animals you eat must be vegetarian
    I’ve avoided talking about hot and breaking news for a while. I did not post about the recent quakes in California and Iran; and I’ve somehow managed not to post anything about Paris Hilton. But Mad Cow Disease is a horse of a different color. Go read Alton Brown – It’s a Mad Mad Mad…
  • Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan
    There is a great deal of food for thought in Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan, from Policy Review. (via bruce sterling). It’s a long but good article. … The United States is a behemoth with a conscience. It is not Louis xiv’s France or George III’s England. Americans do not argue, even to themselves,…
  • Dial-up in the morning
    On Friday, my parents came into town. I’ve been terrifically busy since then. Yesterday we did family racquetball, and then down to Pacific Beach, and then to a Baseball game of my 10 year old cousin Michael. After that we went to Mexican food at Marieta’s in Santee. A very busy day, and I got…
  • Bagels & Lox
    Today started with an early morning breakfast with my friend Steve E. at local deli D.Z. Akins. We talked of course about my current state of affairs, the separation, work, the web, search engines, the list. D.Z.A. is a great deli. Now, it’s not a Cantor’s or Carnegie Deli, but for San Diego, it rocks….
  • Mark Your Calendars
    San Diego’s Taste of the Nation looks really good. A good cause and good food. It’ll be in May 2002.
  • Tamales Ancira’s
    Jenny picked some great tamales up. Ancira’s is running ads on the local cable company, and they’re good. She got two each of chicken, beef, and raisin and nut. Fresh tasting, excellent texture. There’s a definite trend of Mexican food today. And that’s fine by me.
  • Alton Brown Grab Bag!
    I’m not a Food Network fan per se. Jenny digs many of their shows. Me, I only like Alton Brown. His show is like the best old public television – This Old House or Victory Garden. TOH and VG were great shows (still are) even if you didn’t care about home improvement or gardening. It’s…
  • Spellpunk and Family Ties
    Captain Cursor coins the term Spellpunk …. I like the coinage! It seems to me that with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being the rage that I’m noticing fantasy fandom out there. In other genre news, I bought the new Buckaroo Banzai DVD today. I don’t usually frequent The Wherehouse, but the one…
  • Brit-Day:
    Brit-Day: Tony Blair on the Taliban: There is no sport allowed, or television or photography. No art or culture is permitted. All other faiths, all other interpretations of Islam are ruthlessly suppressed. Those who practice their faith are imprisoned. Women are treated in a way almost too revolting to be credible. First driven out of…