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  • Video & Resources: Adapting Comics for Blind & Low Vision Readers

    In May I attended a fascinating presentation on adapting comics for blind and low vision readers. At one time I was quite attentive to a11y issues and since I’ve made a handful of comics it was of interest. I am nowhere near to attacking this need. But the resources they emailed I felt would be…

  • “The Grand Canyon is a little of each”

    From Paul Ford‘s Just Like Heaven in The Morning News There is tourism for the body—a trip to the Jersey Shore or Ibiza, waterparks and nightclubs. Return relaxed, brain scooped. There is tourism for the mind—a walk through the Louvre, a visit to the Liberty Bell. The Grand Canyon is a little of each.

  • It’s Readers That Matter

    From Exclusive Interview With Ashok Banker! Where can we find more info about you and your work? From me directly. I follow a one-on-one approach to marketing. That means I wait for a reader or prospective reader to contact me, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, my blog, etc, and then I interact directly. It’s not…

  • James Ellroy

    Source: Salon Interview: James Ellroy, 1996: Well, I write in a cultural vacuum, so I don’t understand what’s out there in the culture too much. You don’t watch TV? I watch boxing on TV and I listen to classical music. I talk with my wife a lot and exercise. Culture to me is just shit…

  • Leah has an essay in this

    Picked it up today at lunch — Things I Learned About My Dad: Humorous and Heartfelt Essays. Edited by dooce. Congratulations Leah! Much more info and links to the other contributors over at Heather A’s blog.

  • Leah in Fray

    One of my earliest encounters with online storytelling was via Fray, I even saw a bit of a live “Fray Cafe” event at SXSW in 2001. I’m quite happy to see Fray relaunching as a virtual and paper magazine, and incredibly PROUD to have my wife as a contribute to the first issue!

  • JDarkroom and focus.

    So I have a problem with focus sometimes. My mind drifts thither and yon. I have a lot of interests, and it can be hard to stay on-task, at home, at work, anywhere. My “Misc” posts are all about that. Whatever’s in front of my nose and on my mind. But they lack depth. I’m…

  • New Words: The Flash Mind Reader

    So people send me links to this thing, and I just can’t stand people thinking these little tricks are somehow reading their minds. So I made: “The Flash Mind Reader” – How It Works