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July 2018 Sixteen posts

Bookstore cat comes right up beside me then won’t look at me. I know that feeling bookstore cat. I also fail at playing it cool.

Finally picked up my mouse from Slacker. 14 months and a lifetime ago. Wonderful to see my colleagues.

Walked into the Dr. Horrible screening last night and @feliciaday was at the podium!!! #SDCC #SDCC2018 #drhorrible

Jessica Jones & Hank McCoy are headed to #SDCC! #jessicajones #beastcosplay #sdcc2018

Selfies with robots x 4! #sdcc #sdcc2018

That’s a big smile @ the Cubs @ Padres game

On a lark I went to a practice of Underwater Rugby. 1. I have not been this tired and out of breath since I cut my head on the sand bodysurfing. 2. These people are not entirely crazy. 3. I had fun and did not drown. 4. I even scored a goal thanks to some great passing in a 3 on 3 match.

I swam out to the buoy off La Jolla Shores with Kelly—it’s about a quarter mile out.