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June, 2011: 6 posts.

Flowsheet 2011 Jun 01

Leah made this flowsheet. It was to help keep track of care for my Grandma in her final months. When did she eat? What were her vital signs? What medications did she take or not take? Leah did a really nice job with it. Leah is not a medical professional, but she’s the finest untrained, natural nurse I ever met.

Moorpark High School Graduation Panorama 2011 Jun 05

What Has ArtLung Been Doing? 2011 Jun 10

Exit Only 只有退出

What have I been doing?

I’ve been taking photos with Instagram. It’s iPhone only. I want it for my kids on their Android phones.

I’ve been working with I’m using jQuery Mobile and the jQuery tmpl library and Underscore.js and Backbone.js.

I’ve been reading JavaScript Web Applications from O’Reilly. I now understand why and how to use delegate() properly. The book is well structured and I’m learning much more than that.

I play a little Plants vs. Zombies and a little Words With Friends.

Leah and I are properly moved into an apartment in San Diego. My stepdaughter is staying with us for the summer. We have beds and a couch and a loveseat. We don’t have a table or a television.

I had to ask my neighbor and his friends 3 times to stop yelling hateful stuff at the Rock n Roll marathoners at 8:30am on a Sunday. Large quantities of beer and cigarettes on Sunday morning? Loud yelling? Insulting? That makes me want to punch you in your stupid face. You are on my list. I am middle-aged, I get to have a list, and you are on it. I am not afraid to state my needs and screw with your life if you are actively being an asshole. I believe strongly in Christian Charity, but it’s Sunday morning, and Jesus thinks you’re a jerk.

The death and services for my Grandmother, Jean Crawford are over now. I am not happy to have no living grandparents. I am even less pleased not to have a Mom who is living.

I have a mother-in-law and an ex-mother-in-law though.

I understand now how the death of loved ones can cause embitteredness. The bile flirts with me and sometimes we dance about with angry glee. The dances are thankfully short. Sometimes I ask grace to dance too, and sometimes she agrees.

I’m working a contract for a large company building frontend things. I’m classified as an engineer. This is being very kind to me, title wise. Calling me a frontend designer and developer and programmer is more correct.

Work is secondary for me.

I am happy to be a Swiss Army Knife. I am not meant to be critical infrastructure. Except for family.

The large company has a library. I am learning new things.

My wife and I have health and dental insurance for the first time in nearly a decade. What this means I’m not sure.

I am commuting by bus. I even have a bus pass for the first time in a long time.

My flurry of beach swimming last month terminated with more rainyness and more family events. Swimming is queued up in my activity list.

I live in San Diego. I sometimes miss aspects of Roanoke and Virginia. There is family, and a few wonderful friends who I largely neglect. Come to think of it, I neglect my friends everywhere. Maybe I can improve that. Add it to the activity list.

Virginia is green. It has a certain warmth. People look you in the eye there, and seem to wish you well. Here, it’s eyes front. People would rather not know you. I don’t act that way here.

People ask me for directions. They always have. I must look like I know where I am, and where I’m going.

Sometimes I do.

Leah. 2011 Jun 12

The beautiful @leahpeah

Ebullient @leahpeah


Visibone Mouse Pad, from 2005. 2011 Jun 13

I referred to it often. And I’ll be referring to it again now.

Visibone mouse pad, from the year 2005.

Get one for yourself!

Dad 2011 Jun 19

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You are a fine person, and a dedicated person, and a wonderful father.

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