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  • Dad

    Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You are a fine person, and a dedicated person, and a wonderful father.

  • On the Eve of Jim & Phyllis’ Wedding

    This is a time capsule from the night before my parents were married in June of 1968. It’s an audiotape made by my uncle Jerry at my Parent’s rehearsal dinner. It’s quite remarkable. Who will you hear? Who? Age   James Crawford 21 Groom Phyllis Silva 22 Bride Art Silva   Father of the Bride…

  • Everything Has Changed. Topsy Turvydom.

    Turnarounds in every aspect of my life are occurring. For the better. For the worst. For a change. I feel very much like a cork on the surface of a turbulent sea. Hurled from place to place, bounced and flipped by the sea. But alive, and surviving. I am now on a leave of absence…