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September, 2002: 82 posts.

Zappa Update

You can get FZ:OZ here (it’s from 1976, new, live, from Australia, and is great — I really like the version of “Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance” on this double CD — also, my name’s in the liner notes (middle page of the liner notes, lower right quadrant) because I preordered. In other news, has updated recently.

Steve and Natty’s Excellent Adventure, Updated, mentioned before, have updated their amazing travelogue » Go there already!


I was joking around with a buddy of mine — looking at San Diego Reader Classifieds – particularly the personals. I drafted what my own personal ad would be. I would never actually put this up, but here’s what it would be. I post it here at my peril. 🙂

eclectic man, 32, separated and evolving, seeking intense honest friendships with awake and alert beautiful women. must know html.

It made me laugh to write this. More of a fun thing than a serious thing. Perhaps there needs a site for personal ads for people who would never place a personal ad?

Quote of the Day

     I’m a complicated dude.
          – Me

Reader Feedback; What’s Up

Response to my would-be personal ad has been great, and critical. My Mom says I should be careful what I wish for. She also points out that Jennifer may meet the criteria I set as well. It’s interesting, last Friday I was talking with my Uncle and said that I thought Jenny and I would not end up married. And he, who had been very much on my side, pointed out that I was in no condition to make that call. “Everyone’s at par at this point” he said. Which is his way of saying that no particular woman has the inside track on my heart at this point, so why rule out Jenny. I got one personal ad in reply, and perhaps I’ll go for coffee with someone. Another dear friend went through it word by word and critiqued it. A “code review” if you will. “Beautiful” as a word was taken particularly to task. Is it meant as attractiveness? Is it meant as internal beauty? My reply to that was this:


See, you’re beautiful.

This is not a shallow word.

This is a way of looking at yourself.

I think if you can say you’re beautiful, that you’ve overcome the stupid notions of the culture.

What I’m looking for is self-confidence, and yes, some attractiveness. But mostly a kind of ballsy confidence that does not accompany “self-confident.” With “self-confident” I think I’d end up capturing Biz-Dev powersuit women.

I have new projects starting this week. Lots of work percolating. Some of it no doubt will not pan out, but some of it I think will for sure. Adventures!

Tonight I’m going to see Ben Forta speak tonight at the Dreamweaver/UltraDev UG.


I’ve Seen The Future

In the highest praise yet for Google, China (as in “great firewall of China”) appears to have begun blocking google.

Dissident search engines.

It must be the future.

Lyric of the Early Morning:

Via Chris Ford…

Via Chris Ford: a really cool gallery Flash app: PhotoSpace.

Do you know about 802.11b/Wi-Fi..

Do you know about 802.11b/Wi-Fi? Do you know about wardriving? Have you heard about WarFlying? Read these. From here in San Diego no less: War Flying by Tracy R. Reed; War Flying by Delta Farcevia

Nukes? Not That Practically Useful

But several countries have nuclear weapons, and none has found them very useful in making others do their bidding. Israel hasn’t been able to force its neighbors to accept its treatment of the Palestinians. India hasn’t coerced Pakistan to give up its claims to Kashmir. China hasn’t succeeded in reclaiming Taiwan. — from the Washington Times of all places! And more, that piece is about why we should not attack Iraq!

What’s Up… A Mouthful, But Not More Than I Can Chew

Hey! Today, I’m really busy. Errands for this early morning. Then one project for this morning. Then lunch out. Then another project this afternoon. Then racquetball this evening. Then a draft of a thing for Time to leap into the day!

New Christina… Almost

Christina Aguilera, who I often talk about, has a new single coming soon — Dirrty — I grabbed a copy taped from a station in New York off of Limewire. I think I like it. I can’t account for how the girl dresses, but it’s fun to be a fan of hers. If you want more Christina scoops – news about the single and the new album coming soon – check

Yes, I know Dirrty is misspelled.

Yes I know it’s silly.


Today has gone flawlessly so far. Freelance work has gone well. Did some billable time. Got a greenlight on a nice-sized project. Feels nice. I saw Jenny for lunch, and that was great. I like her. She’s nifty. I feel lucky that I don’t feel ill will toward her. She’s a cool person to know. And she brought me gifts from her trip to San Francisco! She’s a sweetie.

Ting Ting Jahe, it’s the very best!

Okay, back to work.

Non Entry

Word of the day yesterday: Kaizen.

Too much to blog, so instead I will blog very little.

But things are good. The blog will catch up with my life this weekend.

I’m tired now.

Thanks Janece!

Janece [blog], points out that my FAQ was telling people to go to hire me via my old job. Well sheesh, that’s not true. If you want to hire, just get in touch with me right here through the feedback page.

Why Would You Hire Me?
There’s no site to small, no task too trivial. Here on the Crawford homestead, we enjoy working on websites! Whether it’s debugging a perl script, doing a site map, doing a linkcheck, building out a site, designing a site, doing a needs assessment, training, teaching, tutoring — I do it all. Rates are reasonable, and needs are simple, so I can steer you to smart reasonable solutions. What are you waiting for? Drop me a note! Update

the websandiego site was updated recently, and is undergoing continuous quality improvement. visit, won’t you? among the changes — the resources page has been updated. Also changes to all the headers and footers. If you have a comment feel free to holler at me.

Yes, I like Christina. No, not everything she does.

Several people have sent me this photo, or links to this photo. Basically asking me, because I am a fan, what I think. The answer is I think she looks goofy. I am a fan of Ms. Aguilera, but I will not defend her MTV VMA ensemble.

The Exhaustion Of Emotion; The Getting On With Life Of It All

I’m exhausted.

I feel good.

It’s Sunday morning.

Got up early, hoping to get a start to the day.

But there’s nothing really to do today. But I’d like it to be mellow. That easy feeling has been something I’ve been after this past week. The wet weather has been a catalyst for some of that feeling. The sound of the rain. The smell of it certainly enhances calm.

I want to muster some motivation today, but I think I’m pleased with mellow.

I have some things to report.

Some good things. Almost all good things, really.

Last week, on Thursday, my wife Jennifer, from whom I have now been separated for four months, had our last session of joint counseling. “Last session of joint counseling” may sound like a negative thing. It’s not. In fact, we find ourselves dear friends. The lines of communication are so great that we find we can talk about work, about family, about outside relationships we are having, about travel, about movies, everything. It’s a wonder.

At the beginning of this separation, I was a shambles. I was smoking ruin. I’m reminded of the line from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy describing going through hyperspace as “unpleasantly like being drunk” — the inevitable question being “what’s wrong with being drunk?” — the reply of course is:

“Ask a glass of water.”

And that’s how I felt. I was battered and remaindered and cast off. I felt like a dead man.

The progress I’ve made, and the things that have happened since I was torn away and replaced with something new have done nothing but amaze me.

I have:
» desperately sought a return to my wife
» taken a trip to washington dc
» seen the new star wars movie
» started therapy
» played a lot of racquetball
» snuba’d at molokini crater in hawaii
» seen the air and space smithsonian in washington
» watercolored
» fallen out of love with my wife
» rediscovered my wife as a friend
» cat-sit for my wife
» sent desperate flowers to my wife
» sent stupid email to my wife
» made stupid phone calls to my wife
» felt betrayed
» felt like a failure
» beaten myself up
» gotten involved with a 12-step program
» been on a radio show talking about it all
» seen norah jones live
» spoken with beautiful wonderful women for hours
» taken loads of items to goodwill
» been asked to take a leave of absence from work
» done work in asp/access
» learned much more about application architecture
» gotten a new g4
» began banking online
» fallen in love
» learned about o’keeffe and stieglitz
» tried to model myself and another person on o’keeffe and stieglitz
» learned that i actually need to be myself
» learned that we are all alone in the universe
» learned that many people love me
» learned that people forgive me my failures
» learned that people surprise me every day
» learned that i love people very much
» learned that i may have the most wonderful parents and sister in the world
» learned that friends i have cultivated for decades are still my friends if i am a screw-up
» cried a great deal
» and sobbed
» woken up crying
» gone to bed crying
» shrieked in the car in anguish many many times
» stopped thinking that every problem in the world is my responsibility
» sold a cappucino maker
» started eating tiger’s milk bars
» enjoyed the wonder of soyrizo
» lost sixty-five pounds
» decided walking is okay
» learned to like doing the laundry
» bought the new negro problem cd
» burned several mix cds for friends and family
» tried to appreciate life
» tried to appreciate existence
» questioned my lack of faith
» tried to see the good in the universe
» tried not to turn away from the bad in the universe
» decided that i don’t believe in god
» decided that i do believe in love
» decided that i want to explore those last two even more
» decided that i love women
» decided that i don’t have to grow old with every woman whose company i enjoy
» decided i need to learn how to date
» made dinner for jennifer
» had dinner made for me by jennifer
» had many other meals with many other people
» learned that lunches with friends and others can provide more than just nutrition
» realized that people actually read this blog
» they often have good ideas and have been wonderful to me
» decided to continue this peculiar public journaling
» improved a great deal emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually

So on Friday night my Grandfather had a birthday. It was very cool. At one point he expressed a desire for his brother, who died some years ago. It was a big blow. It is unlike him to express emotion, but clearly he was feeling loss at the thought of his brother. My Grandfather is a good man. I don’t know what else to say about it. We all have our journeys and mysteries don’t we? Even if we have had eighty-four years of experience and struggle and love and conflict and joys, we still have more to live. There is always more to live.

Life is a puzzle, and a gift, and pain. But it is worth cherishing.



Happy Hour 9 September 18th, 2002.

My pal’s blogs:

Fields of Lavender

I’d like to go to this: thelavenderfields.comWelcome to The Lavender Fields, an organic lavender farm in the foothills of the Palomar mountains in northern San Diego county California, where we grow Lavandula x intermedia ‘Provence’, commonly referred to as ‘French Lavender’, known for its powerful, sweet fragrance and abundant display.

Innovative Use Of Search Tools

Christina in the New York Times!

Joel talks about Platforms in the software business…

Joel talks about Platforms in the software business. Interesting… As a platform vendor, you’re only as successful as the people who build on you.

A more subtle problem is when platform vendors don’t think they have a platform, they think they have an application. Read the whole thing.


So yesterday I chatted with Joanie, another San Diego Blogger. It was quite good conversation. She’s been reading my travails for some time, and had some interesting perspectives on it all. She herself is in the midst of a separation, and is having adventures of her own. She seems a genuine person to me. She’s charming and funny and definitely has opinions I disagree with vociferiously. She’s also a nice person, which makes her sound dull, but she’s clearly not that.

Anyway, I had Chai, and she had some kind of Strawberry shake thing, and we chatted for several hours at a local Coffeehouse. Entirely pleasant.

Stray Items (Lots of these today)

Hit Charade: The music industry’s self-inflicted wounds.

Bud Plant: From the front lines at the 2002 San Diego Comic-Con (from August).

Apple’s mysterious Marklar, OSX on x86.

What is an otaku?

On Sharing with a Partner:
Share with me that you’re a human being. is the sentiment people want. (via a friend)

Quote of the Day

QOTD: At one time, I wore bolo ties.

Joe, in bolo tie, respiratory school picture, circa 1991

(no other comment is necessary)

I have no wisdom today.

Last year Jenny and I woke up to her Mom leaving this strange message on our answering machine to stay out of government buildings. We turned on CNN and the news was trickling in.

I’d like to say at this point that nostalgia is stupid. No television show can encompass terrorism. It is folly to think we will find closure or simple answers. As the line in Full Metal Jacket goes … “It’s a shit sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite.”

Beware anyone who is using the memory of a year ago to sell you something. Whether that something is war, or a new car, or insurance, plastic flags. Beware people who wrap themselves in the flag. Even with the best intentions, blind patriotism is not a positive force for a democratic society.

Americans are great not because we’re so good at rallying together. We’re great because we can dissent, speak up, and still be United States.

Last year after Jenny picked up the phone and talked to her Mom on the phone, I immediately checked my email. My sister was working at the Smithsonian at the time. Her office was right on the Mall. In Washington D.C. I received this email, sent to my parents and to me.

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 7:01 am
From: Kelly
Subject: Re: today

Dear Mom and Dad, Joe and Jenny,

We just heard the news about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
They’re evacuating Congress right now. I’m kinda nervous about this whole thing.
Take care of yourselves and stay out of federal buildings.
Call me when you can… I can imagine it’s going to be crazy trying to get home today on the metro.

all my love,

I wrote her back as soon as I read it and told her to be safe and that I loved her. I was scared for her. She replied with this:

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 7:56 am
From: Kelly
Subject: Re: today

Thanks for responding.
They’ve told us to leave the building. I’m going home. 703-XXX-XXXX. I’ll call when I get home.
I love you.

Again, I have no wisdom today. I’m not trying to evoke anything. I did not lose anyone close to me in the events. But I wanted to record my thoughts and memories on this for posterity. Here’s last years September 11 post.

Deli and Old Friends and Connections

Yesterday I had lunch with some friends from High School.

I don’t keep up with people from High School.

The way I think of my formative schooling years, I have almost no desire to be reminded of how I felt about myself. And more, how I took to heart the judgements of the great mass of kids in school.

I’ve been out of High School for 15 years now. As I type that I’m quite amazed. It’s not that I feel old, it’s just that so much has happened in that time.

So it’s all the more fascinating to me to have friendships that seem long since passed, and have them be renewed. It was a delight, really. More camraderie, and good talk with people I’m comfortable with, can only be a good thing. All that, and food at Milton’s, a great restaurant, deli up in Del Mar.

Another renewed relationship is with a a woman I worked with at UVa, oh, 10 years ago. she contacted me just the other day. This is another blessing of this blog. I of course write about my troubles, and so she wrote me with her own troubles. We spoke on the phone a bit later, and she’s going through marital ickiness. I feel for her.

Here’s where I complain about the fact that things never get to be easy.

But the books I’ve read indicate that life is hard, and this is what strengthens our character. It is the struggle to overcome our own fears and doubts, and the challenges that we have every day, that makes us better people.

I know that I’ve improved myself while under the stress of the past four months.

But it would be hard for me to imagine a life where life was that stressful, all the time. I think people do it though. “Lives of quiet desperation,” it is said.

For me, I can’t stay quiet.

The key is to retain hope, and to share the journey with people on the same trip.

Site Bugfixes and Upgrades!

Yesterday, Tom Bickle pointed out a bug in my site for Netscape 4.79. Yikes! And me of Mr. Super-clean-accessible code! Thanks a million Tom!

In other news, yes, several very kind people have complimented me on the new site header. Thanks. I’m also making subtle changes all around the site. New imagery on the FAQ and in the Words sections. Words has gotten a layout shift, too. tell me what you think.

Kynn is going to go to the Middle East and be smart…

Kynn is going to go to the Middle East and be smart. Cool!

Header Memory Lane

There’s a new interface for the Headers page — and there are quite a few of them. Some highlights: see the old “pageboy” haircut from January 2000, and see when I got my haircut in August 2000, a great picture of Jenny and I in Washington State from our trip in March 2001, a great picture of flowers, also from March 2001, something with Frank and Christina, an upside down flag, a downbeat Nietzsche reference, something green, a great Christmas tree, something with me in headphones, the first one following the separation, and the most recent, Onward.

I get a lot of joy doing those headers. They are mini-creative projects. Tiny digital artifacts that make me happy.

A fun article about one of my favorite music artists…

The Panther Moderns had suits like these in Neuromancer…

The Panther Moderns had suits like these in Neuromancerinvisibility cloaks!. Now the concept has been patented.

Jenny sent me the page for This American Life Audio Archives…

Jenny sent me the page for This American Life Audio Archives. Bookmarkable!

A friend sent me Chinese-Art…

A friend sent me They have lots of good articles, picture, and more. Feed your head.

Blogging, meet the L.A. Times

Trouble in the L.A. blogging community: here’s the L.A. Times story that started it, as well as pushbacl — here’s one and here’s another. I found these via Doc Searls.

Tired. Good. Weekend Goals.

Today started with racquetball. I enjoy the game. I’m very tired. After that, I came home and had some leftover Chinese food, Szechuan Beef and rice. This weekend needs to be mellow. I’ve been busy this week, and I’m hoping for mellow. Something I really need to do is update my resume. It’s terribly out of date, and I find people asking for it. I also need to update the portfolio. Also on the to do list is updating I intend to make that my elevator speech for the services I provide. Oi. And I need to print up some business cards too. Well, there’s a lot to do, but I can approach it with a mellow attitude. This is my goal for the weekend.

Old Stuff!

Old Splash pages, old headers, and old designs are available on the Archive page. It’s very much fun to see some of thes old splash pages and designs. There are even whole sites in there. There are more than 250 pages on this site.

I suppose when one has been building web pages since 1996, they add up.


It’s been a while since I had a proper walk. Yesterday afternon/evening I walked to dinner (well, supper, really), at abour 4pm. I had a Turkey dinner at local diner (open 24 hours!) Rudford’s. It was pretty good, though not great. The price was good though, and I got to read. I’m about one fourth through Dangerous Kitchen, which gets better with every page. It integrates many articles and interviews I’ve read, as well as material on previous iconoclastic composers (Stravinsky, Varese, Ives). The book puts Zappa into a historical context that I find striking.

I enjoyed dinner, then I walked over to Hollywood Video. It’s been remodeled. In previous visits I’ve been amazed at how unkempt the place was. Boxes on the floor, videos unsorted; it was a mess.

But yesterday, it was spic and span. More, it had a whole new “store within a store” – called Game Crazy. Many racks of games, and chain link fence around a subsection. I suppose it looks “extreme.” I rented three movies: Spy Game; A Beautiful Mind; and In The Bedroom. I hope they’re good.

After that I walked over to Vons. Picked up some essentials: toilet paper, iced tea, lettuce (romaine and iceberg), toothpaste, and a very few other essertials. It felt good to be out doing groceries, and walking again. Last week was so busy — not enough walking.

So it felt good to be out and about again, and on foot.

Later on, I had a friend over to watch Sopranos, which was new, not too violent, and pretty good. I’ve been so ambivalent about television lately, that I find it odd to be eagerly anticipating TV. The only other shows I’ve been looking forward to are Justice League and Samurai Jack. And oh yeah, Frontline.

This week is Happy Hour 9. Can’t wait.

And so, the week begins. I’m feeling good. Energized.


The word for the day early Monday morning was…

The word for the day early Monday morning was:


   + A reciprocal condition or relationship.

   + A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges, especially the exchange of rights or privileges of trade between nations

   + a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence

Fun With Smart Playlists

One of the cooler things about iTunes is that it allows you to make “Smart Playlists” – which are playlists based on criteria you can put in yourself. For example, I have smart playlists which include New Order/Electronic/Joy Division as well as for David Byrne/Tom Tom Club/Casual Gods/Talking Heads. I hadn’t thought to do this before, but you can also specify by words in the song titles. So here is one…

From my iTunes Playlist – Songs featuring the word “Girl
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants (Eddie Arroyo Down Tempo Mix)
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants (Eddie Arroyo Long Dance Mix)
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants (Radio Edit)
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants (Smooth Mix)
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants (Thunderpuss Dirty Club Mix)
Christina Aguilera …… What A Girl Wants (Thunderpuss Fiesta Club Mix)
Fiona Apple …… Sullen Girl
India Arie …… Girl from Video
The Beach Boys …… California Girls
The Beach Boys …… Girl Don’t Tell Me
The Beach Boys …… The Girls On The Beach
The Beach Boys …… Surfer Girl
The Beastie Boys …… To All The Girls
The Beat Farmers …… Girl I Almost Married
David Bowie …… China Girl
David Byrne …… Girls On My Mind
The Cars …… My Best Friend’s Girl
Cracker …… Eurotrash Girl
Van Morrison …… Brown Eyed Girl
Morrissey …… Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Morrissey …… Girl Least Likely To
The Negro Problem …… Stranded On The Cloud Girl‘s Terrain
Randy Newman …… The Girls In My Life (Part I)
Randy Newman …… Kevin’s Party (Cowboy Girl)
Randy Newman …… Real Emotional Girl
Prince …… Girl
Prince …… If I Was Your Girl Friend
Steely Dan …… Negative Girl
Matthew Sweet …… Girlfriend
They Might Be Giants …… How Can I Sing Like A Girl?
Stevie Wonder …… That Girl
The Wolfgang Press …… A Girl Like You
Frank Zappa …… Building A Girl
Frank Zappa …… Catholic Girls
Frank Zappa …… Dead Girls Of London
Frank Zappa …… Fine Girl
Frank Zappa …… The Girl In The Magnesium Dress
Frank Zappa …… Little Girl Of Mine
Frank Zappa …… Little Rubber Girl
Frank Zappa …… Lobster Girl
Frank Zappa …… Lonely Little Girl
Frank Zappa …… Valley Girl
Frank Zappa …… What Kind Of Girl?

Quote of the Day, From Monday

“I was just trying to get you to stop snoring.”

This is today: 56 RSVPs So Far. See You There Fellow WebSanDiegans!

Happy Hour 9 September 18th, 2002.

HH9. Awesome.

Happy Hour 9 was great. Put some faces with names and email addresses. Met many very cool people. A good time was had by all.

Today was great, did some good work for one client, and took a great meeting with a prospect I’ll be doing some consulting with. I also somehow managed to not be stressed out. I went up to Lou’s Records in Encinitas. And any excuse to hit Lou’s is a good excuse. With luck, Shelli S of softweargirlz took some good pictures that will get posted. That would rock.

And the words for the night are charming and honesty and forthrightness. Good words.


Dead Dog Tired

Today was SO busy, I can’t even describe how busy it was in a creative manner. Today I: ported a PHP nav script to ASP, downloaded some apps for my uncle and burned them, bought a new cheap monitor, did a pile of work on an ASP project, had a good lunch (sushi) with a pal, made a great mini-site with pictures from Happy Hour (to come), paid bills, mailed off bills, ate almonds, answered most of my email, instructed my designer friend in the finer points of FTP, debugged a server that was inaccessible from the public internet, utterly failed to do my dishes, failed to blog, updated my calendar, explained how web servers, scripting interpreters, and databases interact, spitballed a project with another colleague, encouraged a friend to not give up hope, exchanged some charming email with a new acquaintance, wanted to (but couldn’t) go see a movie with my wife, ate some more almonds, then a burrito and a sprite, and that’s it. I did all this in a scant 12 hour day. Whew!


Marital Brief

Jennifer updates her journal, live and in person from my living room.

I grieve, still, for what we lost.

I’m exultant at what we have both gained.

We’ve grown up.

Her leaving may be the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve come to understand so much. I’m learning every day. Trying to be a better man. Better human.

And I’m so joyful to have Jennifer as a friend.

(say this one quietly)…Onward

New Poetry

New Words: Two Ships.

Now I’m going to go do laundry.

I feel wonderful this morning.

New Graphics!

Feeling inspired and excited today. Currently listening to Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love. The result is new header graphics at the Colophon and at The Lab. Two pictures I took while doing my laundry this morning. I had coffee this morning. I rarely drink coffee. Are these new images the result of the stimulant of caffeine, or are they the result of a different sort of inspiration? I’m not sure.

But I still feel wonderful.

I still feel wonderful…

I still feel wonderful.







My Workspace

My workspace, such as it is, is featured here at’s workspaces. It’s really neat to see all the different spaces people work in.

Morning Walk

About an hour ago, maybe longer, I got up and went down to the store. I rose early. I’m feeling so blissful. Walking on air. I was amazed at how many people are out and about in the five o’clock hour. I’d forgotten. The sun has come up now. I bought some soy milk. I bought a Gatorade. I walked back home and picked up the paper. It was a wonderful way to start the day and quite novel. I’ve been getting up earlier in the past few months. I’ve been going to buy groceries on foot. But I’ve not combined these activities.


I’m rambling.

Really, I should work on some projects now.

I’m going to work now. But I’ll say again, I feel wonderful.

(a few of) yesterday’s terms

books to read
three tattoos
messy floor
phone calls
john mayer
five days
soy milk

So have I mentioned I’m in the Market for Freelance Web Work?

Well, I am. Drop me a line if you have any projects or questions about web work.


So today I have some project work to work on. Some more proposal work. Should keep me busy. I’m feeling pretty wonderful, still. A word for the past few days might be “serendipity” or “luck” or “accident.” But for now I just feel good.

There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.

There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.

New Stuff – San Diego Spots!

San Diego Spots
New stuff here on — this is called San Diego Spots and features stray comments from my friends Jennifer (yes, that Jennifer) and Erin on cool stuff to do and see and eat in San Diego. It’s small, but excellent. I’m biased though.

Also featured is Erin’s List of Things That Aren’t Here Anymore – which will probably be a fun memory lane type experience for some of you.

They’re both just lists, with some commentary. We hope you’ll enjoy them!

The days are just packed

Busy these days with work and proposals, but it’s all all all good. In fact, I want more.

Last night I exercised my art jones a bit. Felt really good. The “water pen” is a new one on me, but I dig it.

Yesterday I used a coffeehouse as a place to do application design. It worked pretty well altogether!

Things is good.



Correction: I meant “water brush”.


I think it’s important that folks not presume too much about the precise details of what I’m up to based on this blog. I share honestly here, but not terribly explicitly. It’s frankly not anyone’s business exactly what I’m doing moment to moment. I may hint at some things to be cute sometimes. But the hints are always open to interpretation.

Lately I have a relationship happening, with a woman, that is occuring at a breakneck pace. I think it’s time for me to slow down cowboy and regroup. My counselor is on vacation now but I feel like I need that professional objective voice now. Next week, luckily.

Tonight I made a mistake in my communications with Jennifer. I suggested a change in how we are approaching things. And I did it for selfish reasons. And I hurt her feelings. I told her I’m sorry, but I need to come back from this with more than words. If that makes sense.

We had a previous agreement to go slow in moving towards divorce, and I asked tonight to move faster. I asked this for what I understand now to be asinine reasons. I need to regroup, stop and think for a while about what’s happening in my head and heart. Luckily I have a good support network. Moreover, I’m not making any rash decisions.

In other news, I will be house-sitting this weekend and so will be out most of the next 2 days.

The lesson for me is that I’m going to make mistakes, but that I need to think before I act. Today I did not do that, and the result was hurt feelings.

This may not all make sense, but I need to sleep now.

Adams Avenue Street Fair

The Adams Avenue Street Fair is this weekend. I hear from a friend that Lila Downs, musician, is really cool. Although I’m house-sitting, I may try and check it out.


Although it’s being deprecated, this article on CDONTS Mail is worth me mentioning so I can find it in the past.

California Quarter – U-Design-It!

The Governor of California is soliciting designs for the California US Quarter Dollar at his website,

Lyric for the past week

Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later

House Sitting

Weeeee! I’m house sitting now. Some initial difficulties getting setup to work and compute, but it’s all good now. 2 big rambunctious dogs, one mellow cat and one 2 week old kitten. It’s nice to be alone and chill for a bit. I need some good chill time.

CriticalMAS writes in…

CriticalMAS writes in…
Here is another CDONTS article:

It’s my personal favorite, cause I like the author. 🙂

(to which I reply) Thanks MAS!

Fake Logos

I have some old logo parodies/homages which have now been featured at – kinda fun!

House Sitting

House sitting rocks. And pets are cool.

Hey, sometimes brevity is cool.

San Diego Bloggers page mentioned on

yikes! a page I created all by my lonesome got mentioned on the msnbc site.



New Beck

Beck’s new CD, Sea Change, which I bought with the income from a big job that just launched (not saying the url yet) is really wonderful. My favorite track is “Lost Cause.” The theme of the CD is, appropriately, breakups.

It’s funny to me though, it’s not “wallow in sorrow” music, it’s more like “the sadness is normal, there is hope” music.

If that makes any sense.

Animals for Whom I House-Sat

Some cool pictures of the animals I took care of. Roxy. Scout. Sky. And also an action shot of Roxy and Scout playing monster truck wrestling. (Not pictured: Mocha. She was busy.)


I meant “Kahlua” not “Mocha” in the previous post. Thanks to the special reader who pointed out the misstatement. regrets the error.

In Our Name?

Not Necessarily Ceasar

I really liked the timeliness and coherency of this quote from Julius Ceasar, until I learned that it is not a quote from Julius Ceasar.

Great Quote from Zappa [WARNING: PROFANITY]

My sister, on dating:

My sister and I were talking about dating. I’m seeing someone now who is (gasp!) my own age. A new change for me, I tend to date people who have more than 5 years difference to my age. Anyway, her line when talking about age was:

“For example, I think 23 is too young for anybody.”
– My Sister

Have I mentioned that I have what is maybe the best sister in the world?

From my pal John…

This is a simple way to cost spammers money!

1. go here:

2. search for “bulk email”

3. click on each of the top 10 – 20 links, costing each spammer 1 – 3 dollars per click!

4. smile!

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