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Response to my would-be personal ad has been great, and critical. My Mom says I should be careful what I wish for. She also points out that Jennifer may meet the criteria I set as well. It’s interesting, last Friday I was talking with my Uncle and said that I thought Jenny and I would not end up married. And he, who had been very much on my side, pointed out that I was in no condition to make that call. “Everyone’s at par at this point” he said. Which is his way of saying that no particular woman has the inside track on my heart at this point, so why rule out Jenny. I got one personal ad in reply, and perhaps I’ll go for coffee with someone. Another dear friend went through it word by word and critiqued it. A “code review” if you will. “Beautiful” as a word was taken particularly to task. Is it meant as attractiveness? Is it meant as internal beauty? My reply to that was this:


See, you’re beautiful.

This is not a shallow word.

This is a way of looking at yourself.

I think if you can say you’re beautiful, that you’ve overcome the stupid notions of the culture.

What I’m looking for is self-confidence, and yes, some attractiveness. But mostly a kind of ballsy confidence that does not accompany “self-confident.” With “self-confident” I think I’d end up capturing Biz-Dev powersuit women.

I have new projects starting this week. Lots of work percolating. Some of it no doubt will not pan out, but some of it I think will for sure. Adventures!

Tonight I’m going to see Ben Forta speak tonight at the Dreamweaver/UltraDev UG.


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