It’s been a while since I had a proper walk. Yesterday afternon/evening I walked to dinner (well, supper, really), at abour 4pm. I had a Turkey dinner at local diner (open 24 hours!) Rudford’s. It was pretty good, though not great. The price was good though, and I got to read. I’m about one fourth through Dangerous Kitchen, which gets better with every page. It integrates many articles and interviews I’ve read, as well as material on previous iconoclastic composers (Stravinsky, Varese, Ives). The book puts Zappa into a historical context that I find striking.

I enjoyed dinner, then I walked over to Hollywood Video. It’s been remodeled. In previous visits I’ve been amazed at how unkempt the place was. Boxes on the floor, videos unsorted; it was a mess.

But yesterday, it was spic and span. More, it had a whole new “store within a store” – called Game Crazy. Many racks of games, and chain link fence around a subsection. I suppose it looks “extreme.” I rented three movies: Spy Game; A Beautiful Mind; and In The Bedroom. I hope they’re good.

After that I walked over to Vons. Picked up some essentials: toilet paper, iced tea, lettuce (romaine and iceberg), toothpaste, and a very few other essertials. It felt good to be out doing groceries, and walking again. Last week was so busy — not enough walking.

So it felt good to be out and about again, and on foot.

Later on, I had a friend over to watch Sopranos, which was new, not too violent, and pretty good. I’ve been so ambivalent about television lately, that I find it odd to be eagerly anticipating TV. The only other shows I’ve been looking forward to are Justice League and Samurai Jack. And oh yeah, Frontline.

This week is Happy Hour 9. Can’t wait.

And so, the week begins. I’m feeling good. Energized.


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