Dead Dog Tired

Today was SO busy, I can’t even describe how busy it was in a creative manner. Today I: ported a PHP nav script to ASP, downloaded some apps for my uncle and burned them, bought a new cheap monitor, did a pile of work on an ASP project, had a good lunch (sushi) with a pal, made a great mini-site with pictures from Happy Hour (to come), paid bills, mailed off bills, ate almonds, answered most of my email, instructed my designer friend in the finer points of FTP, debugged a server that was inaccessible from the public internet, utterly failed to do my dishes, failed to blog, updated my calendar, explained how web servers, scripting interpreters, and databases interact, spitballed a project with another colleague, encouraged a friend to not give up hope, exchanged some charming email with a new acquaintance, wanted to (but couldn’t) go see a movie with my wife, ate some more almonds, then a burrito and a sprite, and that’s it. I did all this in a scant 12 hour day. Whew!


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