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  • Bas and Me plus Grief

    A nice post by Leah. For quite a while, and maybe even now, all photos of me have the character of Grief in the room.

  • Ex-Cat Photos Unearthed

    Leahpeah has been doing a great job putting up photos around the new place. Yesterday we found a pile of old photos, including this gem of my ex-cat: More in the Ché gallery.

  • Bas: A User’s Manual

    Slightly improved from the version I emailed my Mom, who will now be taking care of Bas: Bas is *very friendly* – he will jump in your lap and purr if you let him. Bas loves everyone, but he will leave some hair on you in the process. Bas is declawed in the front; he…

  • Cat, Warshed

    So Bas got a little stinky, Leah let me know. So, I washed him! He was amenable to the process, and now smells of that wacky Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus Castile Soap. He did not make a sound the whole time, but he was trying to leave the whole time. Luckily I know all about cat…

  • Basilone

    Also, there are now pictures of Leah’s and my cat on the Leah Peah Photos area: Bas. He’s a great cat. More, and better photos to come in the next few weeks.

  • Rodentia Update

    This morning I got up just a little bit earlier than usual. Stumbled bleary-eyed into the kitchen, and what should I see skittering across the long counter? Something very “Stuart” shaped. Just a little bit earlier, mind you. They know our habits. I’m convinced of it. The last kill was right as Leah and I…

  • Animals for Whom I House-Sat

    Some cool pictures of the animals I took care of. Roxy. Scout. Sky. And also an action shot of Roxy and Scout playing monster truck wrestling. (Not pictured: Mocha. She was busy.)

  • Goodbye, Ché

    I gave Ché back to Jenny on June 18th. That morning, I made a picture: Goodbye, Ché

  • Meow. Mow? Rowr? Meowr! MOW!

    From my good friend Ewon, kind of a bookend to the post about a Dog Translation device, Meanings of Meow: Cornell Researcher Seeks to Prove How Cats Manipulate People.