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  • New Stuff – San Diego Spots!

    New stuff here on — this is called San Diego Spots and features stray comments from my friends Jennifer (yes, that Jennifer) and Erin on cool stuff to do and see and eat in San Diego. It’s small, but excellent. I’m biased though. Also featured is Erin’s List of Things That Aren’t Here Anymore…

  • There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.

    There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.

  • G’morning

    So today I have some project work to work on. Some more proposal work. Should keep me busy. I’m feeling pretty wonderful, still. A word for the past few days might be “serendipity” or “luck” or “accident.” But for now I just feel good.

  • So have I mentioned I’m in the Market for Freelance Web Work?

    Well, I am. Drop me a line if you have any projects or questions about web work.

  • (a few of) yesterday’s terms

    books to read three tattoos dishwashing seriousness messy floor phone calls john mayer exclusivity wonderful proposals openness questions lightness five days progress soy milk talking mango clients babies pasta work girls syd jac