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On the Eve of Jim & Phyllis’ Wedding

This is a time capsule from the night before my parents were married in June of 1968. It’s an audiotape made by my uncle Jerry at my Parent’s rehearsal dinner. It’s quite remarkable.

Who will you hear?
Who? Age  
James Crawford 21 Groom
Phyllis Silva 22 Bride
Art Silva   Father of the Bride
Phyllis Silva   Mother of the Bride
Francie Shartzer 20 Bridesmaid
Clint Shartzer    
Mary Lou Silva 17 Bridesmaid
Sally Silva 10 Flower Girl
Artie Silva 4 Ringbearer
Norm Algarva    
Louella Algarva    
Rosie Contreras   Maid of Honor
Joseph Crawford 50 Father of the Groom
Jean Crawford 48 Mother of the Groom
Jerry Crawford 19 Best Man
Jody Crawford 14 Usher
Joan Crawford 12 Flower Girl
Jeannine Crawford 10 Flower Girl
Jacqueline Crawford 8 Flower Girl

These sound files are, I think, from the wedding itself, Ave Maria and The Our Father as sung at my parents’ wedding:

Download all these files in a Zip file

And a transcript::

John Crawford (brother): Here we are at ringside folks. In this corner. We have James Crawford and in the other corner we have Phyllis Silva. Before we hear the opening bell we have words of wisdom from the near corner Jim Crawford look it up.

Jim Crawford (groom): Hello posterity. Well this is really grim but it’s very nice too. I’m looking forward to my marriage and I hope I have a wonderful time. I hope everybody else has as good a time as happy as I am. Thank you.

John Crawford (brother): Now the undefeated champion from Morse High School, Phyllis Silva.

Phyllis Silva (bride): I’m very excited and happy and I hope everything turns out and everybody has a wonderful time. I’m Phyllis Silva.

Jim Crawford (groom): I have to leave now. I have to leave now for everybody. Thank you very much for coming. Mom. Dad. Everybody. Thanks very much for everything.

Art Silva (father): My name is Art Silva. Father of the bride to be. I wish them all the happiness in the world. To Jim and Phyllis.

Phyllis Silva (mother): My name is Phyllis Silva I’m the mother the bride. Heh heh. I’m very happy for both of them I hope everything turns out all right — even though it was a lot of work!

Frances Shartzer (sister): I’m Frances Shartzer. Phyllis’ sister. And I wish them all the luck in the world.

Clint Shartzer (brother-in-law): I’m Clint Shartzer brother-in-law to Phyllis, the bride, and I’m an usher and I hope both of them have a lot of happiness together and I hope they don’t have to be separated too long.

Mary Lou (sister): My name is Mary Silva and I’m a bridesmaid at Phyllis’ wedding and watch for me I’ll be coming down the aisle!

Sally Silva (sister): My name is Sally. I’m the flower. I’m the sister of Phyllis Silva. And I’m gonna be a flower girl in the wedding.

Artie Silva (brother): Hi. (Come on.): My name – Artie Silva. And I’m a ringbearer. Jim and Phyllis Wedding.

Norm Algarva (friend): Mary had a little lamb. I hope Phyllis and Jim do better. This Norm Algarva – a friend of Phyllis and Jim. I hope.

Luella Algarva (friend): I’m Louella Algarva and I’m going to sing Ave Maria and the Lord’s Prayer at the wedding.

Rosie Contreras (maid of honor): I’m Rosie Contreras and I’m the bridesmaid of the future Mr. and Mrs. Crawford. And I’m very honored and happy to be here. And I wish them all the luck in the world.

Joe Crawford (father): This is Mr. Crawford father of the groom. I’m looking forward to event. This is my first son to be married. And. I wish them a very happy and successful marriage.

Jean Crawford (mother): I’m Jean Crawford. The mother of the groom. And I think we’re very fortunate to have the Silva family joining our family. I wish them all the luck in the world.

John Crawford (brother): I’m Jerry and I’m the Best Man. And this is my tape recorder so I’m important. They have a good marriage and they sure did scoop a lot of presents.

Jody Crawford (brother): My name is… my name. My name is Jody Crawford I guess. And I’m a usher at my brother’s wedding. My brother’s getting married to Phyllis. I wish the best luck to both of them.

Joan Crawford (sister): My name is uh Joan Crawford and I’m gonna be a flower girl at my brother’s wedding. He’ gonna be married to Phyllis over there. I hope they have a nice marriage.

Jeannine Crawford (sister): Hi my name is Jeannine Crawford and I’m gonna be a flower girl at my brother’s wedding. Thanks Jim. And he’s gonna get married to a girl named Phyllis and all of our families are going to be in the wedding. So that’s nice. And I hope you have a good marriage.

Jacqueline Crawford (sister): My name is Jacqueline Crawford. I’m a flower girl. … Jim and… Jim and Phyllis are going to get married. (Giggles): And best wishes for both of them.

Rosie Contreras (maid of honor): Oh. Hi I’m Rosie Contreras and I made a booboo. I said I was a bridesmaid but I am the maid of honor.

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Joe I loved this so nice to hear the voices of all
Thanks so much for posting this
My mom loved hearing her brothers voice!! Xoxo

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